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  1. Yea, the motherboard requires an 8-pin connector. So until I have that converter, I can't use my new psu.
  2. Okay, guess I'll wait for the converter cable thanks!
  3. aha, would it be dangerous to try? Could it harm the card?
  4. The system won't boot? Or the gpu won't work?
  5. Hello, I'm currently building a dell optiplex 9020MT and I have a Gigabyte GTX 970 ITX as a gpu. This gpu has an 8-pin connector. I do have a new power supply that has such a connector, however I can't use this power supply because I'm waiting on the 24-pin to 8-pin converter cable from Moddiy (for the motherboard). Meaning that I'm stuck with the stock 290W power supply for now. Would it be possible to run the GTX 970 without the pci-e cables? (at lower performance?) Or is it worth a try? My main concern is, is it dangerous for the card to be under-powered and can it get d
  6. Ah, not sure then! Both NZXT and that other case look pretty slick though!
  7. Okay, if you intend on using that power supply, you'll want to check if the gpu has a 6-pin connector. As your power supply will currently not support more than 6 pins. I know that some gtx 970's have 6 pins (like mine, gigabyte gtx 970 ITX), not sure about other gpu's, but that's something you'll want to look at. If you get a new power supply (which I would honestly recommend), that probably won't be an issue since it will most likely have plenty of pci-e connectors.
  8. If you don't really care that the heat sink isn't painted, I'd recommend the be quiet! Pure Rock. If you do, the be quiet! Dark Rock Slim would also be a really good option! Those 2 will be super quiet, almost silent really. The cooler master Hyper 212 is a very popular choice aswell, but I don't really know about its noise levels.
  9. That's a pity. From what country will you be buying your parts?
  10. Or get a server and select Crazy Craft as a server type: https://apexminecrafthosting.com/ This way, the server will be online 24/7, and your pc will not be used to run the server.
  11. Watch this vid: But use this link instead for the files: http://test.voidswrath.com/modpacks/crazy-craft-4-0-official/ This is my guess, I have not installed or played it before.
  12. Does it have PCI-E connectors? If so, which ones? Might be important since some of the older "high-end" gpu's like 970 and 980 might be in your budget but they do require external power. Also, what specific model power supply is it? Last thing you'd want is a broken pc due to a power supply going bad.
  13. My personal favorite white case is the corsair 280x white. It's a bit of a different look then the NZXT and 310P, but it might be something you'd like. I also love the Lian Li 011 White, but that's a bit more expensive.
  14. I don't know much about network cards, but here's a link that says that they are compatible https://pcpartpicker.com/products/wireless-network-card/?compatible_with=Hy97YJ
  15. I guess you should be looking at gtx 750ti's, 1050ti's, 970's, rx 480's, rx 560's and 70's. I mean, there are so many appropriate gpu's. Do you already have a power supply included with that motherboard etc? If so, you might want to go with a low-power gtx 750ti or 1050ti.