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    roadratt got a reaction from Mel0nMan in gtx 1660 super error code 43 in device manager   
    alright i'm in the home strech of building a system for a friend and i'm stumped here, I feel as if i've troubleshot very thoroughly. any help is appreciated.
    before i give a rundown of what i've done, i put this 1660 super in my pc and am using it right now. no issues.
    his pc has a corsair rm750x so there shouldn't be any issues with powering the gpu. he bought this 1660s from a friend, who had it in a lenovo prebuilt.
    I start off by installing the latest driver 471.71, and restarting the pc, no apparent sign of it having issues.
    upon restarting the resolution readjusts to native res (1920x1080) but the nvidia control panel isnt available when right clicking on the desktop
    in the display section of windows settings it says its connected to a display via a generic adapter. 
    i go to device manager, the 1660s is listed, but it has error code 43. 
    i google how to fix error code 43 and do some research, this video of the 4 or so i watched helped the most;
    it actually worked which surprised me. the nvidia control panel was accessible, i could change the refresh rate etc.
    great i think, let me restart and go about my business
    after restarting the nvidia control panel was gone, same error 43 in device manager as before.
    i use display driver uninstaller and restart, this time i go to lenovo's website bc that's where the 1660s originally came from
    https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/desktops-and-all-in-ones/legion-series/legion-t5-28imb05/downloads/driver-list/component?name=Graphics Processing Units (GPU) and Server-AI Accelerators
    i go and get the latest version of the driver posted on their site, even though it is much older than the 471.71 i installed earlier (462.31)
    restart and get the same error 43, wanted to see if the same symptoms would come up if i put the 1660 in my pc but it's operating normally right now. and i have driver ver 461.09
    im tempted to follow steps in this video if its even possible-
    anybody got any tips/similar experience? any help is appreciated.
  2. Agree
    roadratt got a reaction from Calling John in 12gb ram install only 10gb shows up   
    i would try going from what you have on there (1305) to 1401, then 2103 since it states it "improves memory compatibility" and "system stability" (so 1305 ---> 1401 ---> 2103)
    the last bios on that page that mentions "improve memory compatibility" is 3207, so if you still run into issues that would be the hail mary for me if you still have the patience after all that lol