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  1. forgot to update this thread. he had a pci-e riser in the build and it was faulty. something simple that I overlooked. it was weird that legacy display drivers installed on the card when plugged into the riser, but when installing nvidia drivers it had problems utilizing the drivers and flat out freezing when i put my card in his system.
  2. alright i'm in the home strech of building a system for a friend and i'm stumped here, I feel as if i've troubleshot very thoroughly. any help is appreciated. before i give a rundown of what i've done, i put this 1660 super in my pc and am using it right now. no issues. his pc has a corsair rm750x so there shouldn't be any issues with powering the gpu. he bought this 1660s from a friend, who had it in a lenovo prebuilt. I start off by installing the latest driver 471.71, and restarting the pc, no apparent sign of it having issues. upon restarting the resolution readj
  3. that's weird that the packaging states that i mean i was gaming on 8gb for the longest time- i made the upgrade this summer to 16gb and it makes a little bit of a difference when gaming, but when multitasking it's definitely noticeable. hope i was able to help a little bit- troubleshooting older 115x and 775 socket systems can suuuuuck.
  4. let me know how that goes, i have a friend's lga 1156 build that is built around an asus motherboard as well and i'm running into the same issue with it not recognizing RAM. good luck! ?
  5. i compared a gtx 1070 to a 1660 super like you wanted, and i found that it is 20ish pounds cheaper buying off ebay than buying new. but then again certain people dont like buying used hardware, i dont see an issue especially off of ebay when their buyer protection is a1 gtx 1070 and 1660 super comparison link: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1660S-Super-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1070/4056vs3609
  6. gotcha. i would try going from what you have on there (1305) to 1401, then 2103 since it states it "improves memory compatibility" and "system stability" (so 1305 ---> 1401 ---> 2103) the last bios on that page that mentions "improve memory compatibility" is 3207, so if you still run into issues that would be the hail mary for me if you still have the patience after all that lol
  7. i know it sounds dumb, but use rufus or whatever usb format utility to wipe the drive again, and try to update the bios again, what bios version are you currently running on the board now? i know some need bios updates in steps before installing the newest one vs. going from ie. bios 0804 (first released or something of the like) to bios 3602 (newest bios to date)