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  1. Thank you very much, everybody, we will try those suggestions and I'll let you know. Have a good night/day!
  2. Found the specs of the RAM: https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX430C15PB3K2_8.pdf . If we set the V from the specs, he might be able to stabilize at least at 2666. Late note: Looks like he did try to put it manually on 1.35 and it's not working, apparently he can't reach 3000Mhz on all sticks, guess we should aim for 2666.
  3. @MoonzyHis profiles are 1 - 3000Mhz, 2 - 2666Mhz. I saw a video on YouTube and they said that default speed on DDR RAM is 2133, somehow my friend's are at 18xx. Thats the first thing that popped in my mind.
  4. I'll call the old pair of sticks - A, the new pair of sticks B. A - alone, works fine. B - alone, works fine. AB - not booting. After he managed to boot ( did some voodoo or I don't know what exactly he did ) in Task and Bios - RAM Speed - 18xx. Do you know the recommended voltage to put?
  5. The new sticks are identical, same CL, same freq, same capacity, same voltage.
  6. Hello, So I have this buddy of mine, great lad, but now he faces an annoying issue with his 32GB of RAM ( 4 x 8GB ) all gathered on a MSI Z390A-PRO with a i5 9600K. Until today he had 16GB Predator Hyper X @ 3000 CL15, but he decided to get more and now his PC won't boot with all 32GB. He tried the new pair of RAM and alone they work fine, but together are not working at all. After updating his BIOS he managed to boot up his PC but in Tast Manager and BIOS his RAM runs at 1867Mhz. Whenever he activates XMP Profile 1 ( 3000Mhz) his PC crashes and prompts him to choose to run in safe mode a
  7. The price difference between those two is really small, less than 10$.
  8. Hello everybody, Been trying to help a friend of mine to build a gaming PC, he's gonna use it mostly for 1080P gaming @ 60 Hz for now, maybe in the future he's gonna buy a better monitor. Now, I am trying to decide which of those CPUs it's better. From what I saw on the internet in gaming benchmarks, there's not a big difference between them ( 4-5 fps ) and I'm willing to go with the 10400F because it has 6 more threads. What do you think? Thank you,
  9. Hello everybody, I have finally upgraded my GPU to a Gigabyte 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X and I would like to know whats the best way to connect the PSU to it. 1. 2 cables - 1 for the 6 pin and 1 for the 8 pin. 2. 1 cable - 6pin+8pin. My PSU is a Seasonix Focus GX 750W 80+ Gold, and right now I have the GPU connected using the 2nd option from above. I have ready multiple threads and most say you should do the 1st option to help the life span of the PSU, meanwhile others say that either way you connect the PSU won't make a difference. What do you think?
  10. Thank you all for the answers and for the opinions, I'll wait to see how much is the 3070 gonna be and what will happen with 3060Ti.
  11. One of the reasons for this upgrade is Cyberpunk 2077, even tho the game requirements are not that high, I would like to run the game at max settings and RTX where it is possible. Even 3060 would be a good choice to be honest.
  12. Forgot to mention that I have a 1080p 144Hz monitor.
  13. Hello everybody, Considering the release of the Nvidia 3000 Series many of us will be oriented towards upgrading their GPUs, especially the Pascal owners. Right now I have a 1060 6GB and I want to switch to a 3070. We all know the issues with the prices and the stock and I am considering to choose a 2070Super. I want to get something that works well with my setup and ofcourse I want it to be futureproof (I won't change it in the next 3-4 years ). Setup: CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 Motherboard: B450 Tomahawk Ram: 16GB @2933 PSU: Seasonic Focus 750W 80+ G
  14. Thanks @TofuHaroto I will check those out. Thank you all for the informations.
  15. @AndreiArgeanu Thanks, its good to hear that, I was worried that its gonna have a bigger impact on the electricity bill. @Eigenvektor Thanks, considering I have the current PSU in my rig for ~ 6 years, the new one I am planning to buy will stay in the rig for the same amount of time, hopefully. @boggy77 Thanks, other people told me that a GOOD 550W or a 650W would be sufficient, but I tought why not to buy a 750W considering this is a long term investment and as a futureproof safety measure. @TofuHaroto Thanks, the PSU mentioned in the initial post is around 140 USD and 580RON i