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  1. Hello, my brother wants a new office PC. I planned a Ryzen 3200G build, but it's currently not available. So I thought of using an old GPU (Sapphire Radeon HD 6870, 1GB GDDR5) with a Ryzen 3100 CPU on a B550 board. That should work, right? And modern PSU have the correct cables, right?
  2. Well, I can easily press them and they work as inteded, but sometimes not. It's just weird
  3. Hello, I bought a new Dell S2721DGF monitor and use it now in a dual screen setup with an ASUS VG278QR. While the Dell monitor is awesome, there's something that annoys me. I usually just shut down my PC and my monitors go in standby, since they "lost" the PC signal. When I start my PC they wake up and I can use them without manually turning them on. The Dell monitor does the exact same thing and goes into it's "power saving mode" when I turn off the PC. The problem is turning on the PC. The Dell monitor doesn't wake up and I can't use it
  4. He has two PCs and three monitors. Each PC uses one monitor alone, but share the third. OP asks if he can use the third monitor as secondary display for both PCs at the same time.
  5. Thank you for your recommendations! I didn't expect to get one monitor recommended by multiple people
  6. Hello, I'm currently using a dual monitor setup with a monitor arm (RaidSonic Icy Box IB-MS314-T) that holds: ASUS VG278QR, 27" (TN, 1080p, 165 Hz, G-Sync Compatible) ASUS VG275Q, 27" (TN, 1080p, 75 Hz) Those monitors get powered by a RTX 2070 Super (ROG Strix). I have been thinking about upgrading to a 1440p monitor and selling the second monitor. I'm currently looking for fitting monitors, but since some monitors like the G7 got initially good reviews, although it has some issues I have some trust issues in those reviews. I'
  7. Zen 3 will be announced on 8th October. This is not a rumor
  8. Corsairs MP600 SSD is a PCIe 4.0 NVME while the Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD is a PCIe 3.0 NVME. Intels 10th Gen doesn't support PCIe 4.0, so the Corsair MP600 wouldn't reach those speeds. AMDs X570 and B550 mainboards support PCIe 4.0. So if you have an Intel CPU the MP600 wouldn't be worth it.
  9. I was thinking about a Boyfriend GPU - the GPU your boyfriend wants
  10. Hello, I built yesterday a new PC for my parents. I copied all important data to the PC and almost everything works as expected. The only file that causes headaches is a Microsoft Office .mdb file in 32-bit which I can't open in Access 64-bit. My parents use that DB as member management tool and got it from their predecessor. I haven't really used Access and couldn't find anything 'simple' with google that works. How can I convert the mdb-File into 64-bit? I guess uninstalling Office (64-bit) and reinstalling (32-bit)
  11. It says "A-020011". Thanks, I will do that later. I connected today the ASUS router to the fibre modem and that router worked fine. The problem was the Telekom Speedport W724V. I connected it's "Link" port to a LAN port of the ASUS router, but had no internet connection and the phones didn't work. I had to undo everything again, so we can use our phone for now...
  12. I don't know. Where can I find that? They're still in their default configuration
  13. Hello, I recently got FTTH and (Fibre optic) modem is now in a different room. My ISP is the german Telekom. We currently have 3 routers in our house. A Telekom Speedport W724V with analog ports for our home telephones An ASUS RT-AX56U for Wifi for the second floor A TP-Link (for ~25 bucks some years ago) for Wifi on the ground floor We used to have our telephone station in our office room next to the TP-Link and connected to the (DSL) modem, but I had to move it to the second floor where the fibre optic modem is. I tried to
  14. Check this video out. There are a lot of them on YT that compare other CPUs