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  1. So i have a MSI Optix G27C after i used hdmi passthrough on xbox one it stopped posting on any pc when using hdmi. when i try to use hdmi with my pc it sais "No Signal" but using same hdmi cable on xbox one or xbox 360 it post no problem. on a 2nd monitor again using the same hdmi cable it will post. Tried resetting monitor, Tried different gpu drivers, tried intel hd gfx (used to work when i got it), GTX970m, Rx470,Rx580,GTX 1070, Rx5700XT none of them will post, turning it off and on again, different hdmi cables.
  2. I have a MSI GT72 2QD Dominator with a GTX 970m 3gb does anyone have a unlocked vbios for it so i can overclock my gpu more under load it stays around 68-70c so temps are fine with +135 on the core and +600 on the memory