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  1. My Ps4 controller is connected via bluetooth in the bluetooth and other devices setting, however does not show up in anything i try and use it in. seems to me that other peoples ps4 controllers show up under (mouse, keyboard & pen) subheading however mine goes to other divices. Any help on getting this to work? Thanks
  2. Since the most recent patch of nvidia drivers 457.30 League Of Legends will give me a black screen for a few seconds once or twice ever 5 - 10 minutes in game. This is only for league of legends every other game I have played does not have this issue. could anyone help? I may be wrong in thinkning its a driver thing but it only seems to be happening since I updated to this version. Thanks Lucas
  3. The cpu Fan is also not turning sometimes, its giving all these errors. could it be a fualty mother board, if it is giving out all errors? and not powering fans correctly or anything ?
  4. Thing is this is stange as it is a new PC got it only a few weeks ago from PC specialist, should be no reason for the GPU to have died. After trying to reseat the GPU, i turned on and just got 3 short beeps instantly is that a memory error?
  5. Hi, My computer was working fine yestarday, however today when I come to turn it on, I am getting an issue. 1 long beep and 3 short beeps. my graphics cards fans are not spinning I have an ASU’s mother board. Any advice. thank you
  6. In the bios it shows pump 1. the fans are plugged into the pump I believe. Then my 3 fans connected together in system 3 and my single at the back on system 4 I think. is that correct.
  7. I did what you recommended with the power cables and it booted first time today no problem. Then I clicked restart in windows and then cpu error on the motherboard
  8. I don’t have two operating systems. Only windows. And I did enable XMP 2.0 profile
  9. Not necessarily it seems to be fairly random. But if I go to sleep and boot in the next day. I haven’t had it cpu error from scratch, if you see what I mean. I just tried booting it twice after clicking restart and I got cpu error 3 times and decided to leave it. but I’ve been using it all day so doesn’t really make sense that it gives cpu error. But only sometimes
  10. Hi, I have CPU - 3950x Motherboard - MSI Godlike GPU - 2080ti CPU cooler - nzxt kraken X62 RAM - g.Skill 3600mhz 16gb dims X4 I seem to get CPU errors 50% of the time. Especially after I restart or shut down and turn back on after 5 seconds or so. I don’t think it’s over heating as it’s sitting at 45-60°c and is still giving me this error after a restart. I have also has problems seeing the pump and fans on NZXT cam software to adjust fan speeds and such. Any ideas ?
  11. I have 3 HDs at 2TB and 1SSD at 2TB and they all show up exactly the same on windows setup. How can I determine which one is the ssd to install windows on?
  12. Thank you that has helped a lot. Do you also know how I get to the top screw?
  13. All of the screws that secure the cable bar in place are so extremely tight that the heads of the screws will round if I continue to try and turn them, can anyone help me with a solution to getting these out. Thank you
  14. From my research seems to be the best board for the 3950x
  15. From my research. Seems to be the best mother board for the 3950x