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  1. you can get a 3070 for 540 and the build for my friend had a Ryzen 5 3600 in it and also you can get windows 10 on kinguin for $30 as they buy extra oem keys. also if he needs more storage you will spend about $200 less for a terabyte of ssd storage
  2. also most games cost more and also you can do more than game on a pc. and don't tell me you can do most things on a console using the web as that is so painfully slow
  3. the only thing i will say is you will pay about $420 in xbox live over this gen so i think the 3070 system like the one i parted out for my friend if you have the money now that with the cost of xbox live would be about the same price
  4. i have Ryzen 5 3600 b450 steel legend Samsung 970 evo 250gb Seagate firecuda 1tb corsair cx 650 noctua nhu14 oloy warhawk 3200 mhz games tested war thunder max settings, apex legends almost max settings, tf2 max settings all at 1080p the games that worked where Minecraft bedrock and forza horizon 4 all of the games listed above ran flawlessly 144 fps for months after flashing
  5. never had this issue before and it has been flashed for about 3 months
  6. can anyone help me fix this it is bios flashed to the xt bios and is the gigabyte oc model
  7. if you can sell the 2700 and the gtx 1650 for a reasonable amount i would then get a 3070, I have Radeon and have been having tons of issues with the drivers

  8. what about a 3060ti ryzen 5 5600x and a b550

  9. my graphics card will stutter and get very poor ProFormance on anything other than games from Microsoft store