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  1. If you can provide the name of the software it may help others let you know if you actually need intel or can go with a 5000 series Ryzen.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I will buy the 32 GB 3600 kit and wait for embargoes to lift to see if it makes sense to return them and go for the 4000 kit instead.
  3. What about the slide that has been floating around seemingly from AMD saying 4000 MHz RAM will be the new sweet spot for the 5000 series? Assuming this is real would the 4000 kit be the better one to go with? I may buy both from Amazon and just return the kit I do not use. I think I am already past the diminishing returns point with my rig (5900X & 6900XT) so I am willing to pay more for a little more power.
  4. I am not set on these two kits if someone can recommend another within my budget that is better. Also RGB is nice, but not necessary for me.
  5. Am planning to purchase a 5900X next week and am looking at what RAM to get for under $200. At the moment I am comparing between two G.Skill sets, 2x8 GB 4000 MHz (15-16-16-36) vs 2x16 GB 3600 MHz (16-19-19-39). I am not sure if it is better to go for the better latency or more RAM. I will mostly use the rig for gaming and plan to get a 6900XT in December. I play large space sims like Elite and Star Citizen as well as RPGs like CP2077. I am wondering if it is better to go with more RAM then the better timings. The mobo I have is the X570 Tomahawk.
  6. Just want to let others know that the MSI X570 Tomahawk is back in stock at NewEgg. Been trying to get one for awhile now. Just in time for my 5900X. https://www.newegg.com/msi-mag-x570-tomahawk-wifi/p/N82E16813144310?Item=N82E16813144310
  7. Yeah that was what I was thinking, I am assuming at 4K it will be much more GPU bound then CPU bound. I currently have 32 GB, but if I upgraded I would just stick to 16 GB since I really have no need for 32 GB. Worst case I can always buy some down the road.
  8. Gamers Nexus reported it in their Zen 3 video.
  9. So I am planning on finally upgrading from my 8700K to the new 5900X when it comes out next month. My question is if it makes sense to replace my existing 3000 MHz RAM (timings 16-20-20-38) with higher speed sticks or just keep my current ones? I will be gaming on my 4K 144 Hz monitor.
  10. I thought it was confirmed by AMD that Zen 3 is using the same memory controller as Zen 2?