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  1. Just picked these up for free today, Top one is a 486 and bottom is a 286.
  2. You can get rtx 2060 non supers in that price rage on newegg. Or you can look on eBay for a used 2070.
  3. Yeah, My signature is my current pc, I still have my old pc which is in the corsair case.
  4. With the side panel removed and the fans set to max on the gpu, sits at 71 degrees... I have a corsair 760t i can try I guess..
  5. So, a few weeks ago I was playing a game of fortnite (I know, fortnite, Eww) and the fans on my gpu started to ramp up to max for a few seconds and went back to normal. It ramped the fans back up again so I checked HWmonitor and the temps for the gpu was at 77 degrees C. Things I've done; I've added 2 case fans below the card, checked for dust (wasn't any) So, idk what to do.. I find it hard to believe that I need to replace the thermal paste on this thing already, not even a year old... Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  6. When ever my pc starts to struggle playing games. I've jumped from a 550ti to a gtx 970 and now have a rtx 2070. When I need to upgrade, I only buy certain parts at a time, motherboard and cpu first, then a gpu. ect
  7. Did some changes since the last time I've posted here, Swapped out the h100i for a deepcool gammaxx gt in the main pc, And I found a better psu for the sleeper pc,
  8. Temps are in the upper 60's to low 70's while playing bf4, upper 20's to low 30's idle. Yeah, I was wrong.. There's a 28.5mm gap between the front of the case and fan mount. With a standard fan installed it leaves a 9.5mm gap for air. After looking online, seems most people mount the fans between the front panel and radiator as exhaust fans...
  9. There's only a 3 mm gap between the radiator and the gpu. As for mounting the fans on the other side, you can but you run into the same issue that the wall-mart pc had. 3-4 mm air gap.
  10. As the title says, I'm currently looking for something to replace my h100i. The biggest issue is space, I had to remove one of the fans on the h100 to fit a msi rtx 2070. Max cpu cooler height is 160mm according to Inwins site The current coolers I've been looking at are the Phanteks ph-tc12dx, Arctic Freezer 33 esports edition, or something like the deepcool captain 120ex. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Got it up and running. I still need to get a better psu that has pcie power connectors for the 970.. and less mustard and ketchup cables... Specs: i5 7600k msi h270m mortar arctic "soon" gtx 970 ocz 120gb ssd
  12. After seeing some of the Modded "prebuilt" systems, couldn't help but try it out with an old emachines I had lying around. I like the way it's turning out.
  13. Did a few upgrades since I last posted here, specs: Msi Mortar Z370 intel 8700k Msi RTX 2070 Gaming Z Corsair Vengeance rgb 3000mhz 16gb (2x 8gb) inwin 301 case and yes I know I'm missing a fan on the h100i, looking for a new cpu cooler that'll fit...
  14. Lets be real here, the last "real" mac pro came out in 2012 ?
  15. I remember when I got my antec lanboy air and everyone thought it was the coolest thing out there. Also remember going into best buy and getting 2 evga 550ti's to sli. How times have changed.
  16. Been over a year since I posted last, Here's what my setup looks like now. Intel i5 7600k Ballistix 2400 8gb (2x4gb) Msi h270m mortar arctic Nvidia gtx 970 inwin 301