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  1. So sling tv give you 10 hour for free of cloud storage. Now if you pay 5 dollars you get 50 hours but in the scheme of things that's only 50 shows at a hour long. If you split that between a few people its really not alot. I've been looking. They say air tv doesn't work to well. So I was wondering could you make a small sever or something to increase storage or would that not work thaks.
  2. @Spotty dude you nailed and i just came back here to post I finally found it after years but thank you so much for posting.
  3. So the game was kinda like your on a game show but it was deathmatch. I can only remember two characters a devil the host technically and a orange blob. You had skewers (needles) that you could pin or send a enemy on or off the map a dodge ball which would bounce off the enemy and tou could catch it and throw it again and again I think their was a eggs gun. Some maps were space stations or in a lava pit a bunch more. It's been a long time so things are hazy you could run around picking up coins that would set off your special attack for a short time. The game was hilarious and just a fun
  4. @WoodenMarker the only thing that hits high temps is my GPU. Alot of the air hit the glass side and gets sucked right back in and it's got a m.2 that adds heat to intake aswell. I only have three fractal stock fans. They just dont push enough air unless they are full power. It's more so a build video I really enjoy building and doing the out of ordinary. It's also just something I haven't seen anyone else do. If I'm gonna use the NF-A14 industrial fans I doubt the filters will be a problem. But your right filters do make the fans work harder air. If you have any fan suggestions plea
  5. So no one has any other suggestions?
  6. Umm we arent talking about buildings and I'm not gonna argue with you when I know it works. I'm not saying that what you said is wrong about plugging holes, but for a pc that doesnt work really. All noise is vibration right? By blocking sound do you mean absorb redirect ect... what I said before wasnt that this tape was special. What I said was that you can use this as a cheaper solution than other noise damping materials. Look at how much dynomat is compares to it per foot.I've used this in cars to the inside my house for my game room. If you dont believe me try it your self. Eith
  7. Actually sound is vibration so you would line the inside of your case and any sound inside you case gets absorbed and trapped in the pc. The tape has nothing to do with fans or air it's just what they use for ac ducts.
  8. You can use tape that if for plugging holes in the round air ducts in houses. (the shiny tube in your actic) the tape is so much cheaper than anything else that cuts noise. It sounds weird but I've done it my self compared it to some leading noise cancelling matting.
  9. @Juular your such a jerk haha so funny big shot ? no really that was funny. Really appreciate It gotcha I figured as much thank you. My mobo also has a io shield built in to it. So other than measuring cutting and building it anything else you could think of?
  10. Thanks for all the replies. @Hugh54321 Lol uncle grandpa. @Juular More of just a project I've already built pcs I was just curious for things like psu insulation or anything that isnt obvious. Of course a drill manual labor required or I might just print it out:). Like I said just doing it for fun I work with metal alot so I figure why not build my own custom case. @mr moose design efficiency and for fun. I've seen some cool wood builds and I'll actually be making a mock up out of thin wood.
  11. Anything I should be careful of or anything that one has to have?
  12. @WoodenMarker what do you mean by specs I have my list of components a few post up. For temps nothing really gets hot unless I'm playing max settings and a big multiplayer game. Why I want more fans is because the meshify fans have basically no pressure atleast not enough to push all the way through the case. the biggest hot spot is where my GPU is because I've got a m.2 drive under it which only adds to the heat. I'm only running three fans plus the d15. @PotatoCanDo! I getcha my but they will be on a curve and I dont mind cleaning my filters and dust my pc. Also since the have such force I c
  13. @PotatoCanDo! yeah lucky my pc is off the ground and has filters top front and bottom.
  14. @SolarNova oh I hear you. I was looking at corsairs ll15s and you wanna talk about price lol. Sure they look cool but the price is nuts. I'm thinking about getting 4 of those noctua and then use the stock three pin fans I have left to see how the airflows in my case. I could always ask noctua if they want to send some fans my way and I'll do another build video.. who knows. Thanks is for the recommendations though!
  15. @SolarNova thanks I'm gonna grab a couple and try em out. Yeah definitely need to use the fan curve for those. Have you ever mixed fans same brand though? @00RaZoR11 I'm not really worried about fan noise I've got a ceiling fan and a air purifier and there is no feed back on my mic I will check them out though to see the difference between the noctua and the noisebloockers. Do you know the cfm off your head if not I'll check it my self. Thanks for the suggestions much appreciated! O my build is Meshify s2 (p.s. is there a way you would set up those fans in a s2. I know I want th