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    JBruzelius got a reaction from bottenfield125 in My New Build, Constructive criticism please   
    If you plan on sleeving your build stay away from seasonic and corsair. I would go for a silvertone psu because the pinout is pretty much 1 to 1. but if not then your psu will be just fine
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    JBruzelius reacted to TheKurtster in Tragic Takedown on LinusTech Live Stream   
    Tragedy struck Friday night when in an effort to show build logs, crashed the world's best livestream.
    At 9:20pmEST (May 24, 2013) Linus Sebastian, co-host of Live Tech Chat with Linus and Slick, was showing live viewers build logs of epicness when shortly after logging in and loading photo's of the builds of pure awesomeness the stream promptly died. In an effort to re-commence the stream, Mr. Sebastian with aid from Mr. Slick failed and immediately made the choice to go straight to their Afterparty. Their Twitch members also tried to lend a hand by sending ejaculating ASCII penises. When contacting Mr. Sebastian he gave no response. The same was for Mr. Slick. We are still awaiting a detailed forensic analysis from INTERPOL. More details to follow when they arrive.
    What are your thoughts on these periodical crashes?
    Personally, I feel that the cross-epicness between the best forum ever and the best livestream ever caused an epicness overload.
    Please feel free to give your opinion on why this happened.
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    JBruzelius reacted to Akula in Project Akula - Dimastech Bench | Watercooled | Tri GTX 680   
    SLI Bridge came today :)
    Today i'll be pulling apart the bench and drilling a new required holes in the bottom to mount the D5 Pump.
    I'll also need to re drill mounting holes in the 5.25" Bays to accommodate my fan controller.
    Guess i don't have a choice but to use Nvidia cards now :P
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    JBruzelius got a reaction from M-ursu in Cats and Nerds A Match Made In Heaven?   
    I would defiantly agree :D . I find it ironic that that is probably the main reason we need dust filters as well 
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    JBruzelius reacted to M-ursu in Cats and Nerds A Match Made In Heaven?   
    Rule number one in PC industry :         Everyone who has gaming PC must have a cat.   :D