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  1. Thanks, also are you saying "pick your poison" in regards to both options being bad or both being susceptible to problems I'm unaware of?
  2. Hey, so I'm stuck between choosing two monitors. Please let me know which seems the better out of the two considering the price as well https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/6467029/Viewsonic-VX2768-2KPC-MHD-27-WQHD/fromLocalBrowse=false https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824012013?Item=N82E16824012013 I also have a nvidia gpu while both monitors are amd freesync and I have no idea if that'll be an issue as well Thanks
  3. I understand, but I've built my PC twice now and I'm much more financially stable atm so I rather comfortably purchase a prebuilt PC in general Edit: Unless there's a place where I can pick all the parts and they simply put the PC together without any hassle from my end
  4. Planning on buy a new gaming PC (prebuilt), based off previous years do you think 4th of July would have better discounts or on Amazon prime day?
  5. Would an upgrade to an I7-7700k not be worth it? Also, it's a $300 budget for a CPU and GPU separately, so $600 in total. How outdated even is my CPU by now, and should I simply just upgrade the GPU and keep the current CPU? I think all of these comments are kinda reinforcing the idea that I should simply just invest in a prebuilt gaming PC in general. I've built this PC back in 2014 and upgraded it in 2016, and the installation of the motherboard which I had to do twice now was just too much of a hassle hence why I would really prefer not to touch it
  6. Well if you disregard the idea of waiting till Black Friday, would there by any worth upgrades doing currently without changing the motherboard? Or should I just invest in a completely new prebuilt gaming pc in general
  7. Hey, so I'm wanting to upgrade my CPU and GPU but with using the existing motherboard (I cba rewiring everything again, did it twice) I have a $300 budget each for a new CPU and GPU so $600 in total Existing PC: CPU: I5-6500 GPU: GTX 970 Motherboard: Asus Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Ram: 16GB Link to build I need some genuine advice as I'm literally only going to proceed based on whatever responses I get. Another thought that I had was, would it simply be better to buy a completely prebuilt PC instead rather than upgrading?
  8. So should I skip out on that gtx 1070 and go for a newer model? I just don't know the best alternative that's $400 or less as the cards you listed are a bit too pricey
  9. Hey, so I've had my GTX 970 for years now and I think it's finally time to upgrade while the sales are still around but the question is as to what. My CPU is an I5-6500 in case anyone is concerned about any bottlenecks. My budget is also $400 max, thanks Also, does anyone think this is a good deal? https://www.newegg.com/asus-geforce-gtx-1070-dual-gtx1070-o8g/p/N82E16814126119?Description=gtx%201070&cm_re=gtx_1070-_-9SIA4RR96J6640-_-Product