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    I9 9900k
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    Rog strix z390f
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    Corsair vengance 3200 mhz 32 gb
  • GPU
    MSI Rtx 2080 trio x
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    Antec Dark avenger
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    Corsair RM850x
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    NZXT Kraken x72

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  1. Hi . I recently bought a new monitor (Dell S2731HN) . When I used it I noticed that my blacks look kinda grey . Changing the spectrum range to full instead of limited fixed this and the color on it looks great . I am however seeing some wierdness with the brightness on it . It looks like its unevenly lit but when I move my head left and right it seems like the brightness shifts across the screen . I did lower my brightness to 45% but it still does the same. There is a tiny bit of backlight bleed on the bottom corners but I wouldn't say its abnormal . Is this a normal thing for this specific m
  2. Did you by chance try limiting your fps with vsync or a 3rd party program like rivia tuner ? I had this issue a few years ago with games mostly running on the unreal engine . When your vsync is turned off it's sometimes possible that your gpu throttles and times out . It's also possible that the gpu is reaching the temp limit set by the manufacturer . I had a msi R9380 that would crash the moment it touched 72c even tho the R9380 was supposed to safely play at like 95 or something
  3. Ahh man . I'm having these lockup issues too . When I play games it runs fine but doing anything else like going into file explorer . Copying files or opening the internet causes ot to freeze . It started after I used geforce experience. Either that or after I removed windscribe .
  4. Hi . So a couple of days ago I installed red dead 2 and also geforce experience so I can use the sharpening effect . I ended up removing geforce experience because it's still a crappy program that never works . My problem is currently that after I removed it my computer keeps randomly freezing when using file explorer . It locks up for 5 minutes when I try to do something. The control panel doesn't respond or give me any information about high cpu or disk usage . I checked afterburner and my cpu and gpu temps are fine and none of my cpu cores are overloaded . When I start my pc up and try to e
  5. Okay . So I ran the first and second steps . On the second step it said wrp found corrupt files and repaired them . But what I'm going to do at this point is just do a fresh install of windows since it has been giving me issues with random software not working at all . If it locks up with the new windows install that probably means I have a failing ssd I guess . Thanks for the help though
  6. Thanks . I'll give this a try and tell if I see anything out of the ordinary
  7. Hi . Recently I've been having issues with windows 10 just locking up and freezing . I've tried to check the event viewer to see if anything specific happens before the lockup but there is nothing consistent enough to tell what it is . I've ran antivirus and anti malware software . I've tried to manually identify what causes the lockup to no avail . It will just lock up when either idling or just doing anything like browsing files or exploring the internet . I don't get a black or blue screen . I can move my mouse but I cant open or close anything and i cant start the task manager either . I'v
  8. Black and red . It's the ones made by antec
  9. So I built this pc back in November and I had a few issues with it . Some of the fans came dead out of the box so I had to send them back . I struggled for about 2 monts to get my components replaced but they finally came . I also added some cable extensions to finish the look . Next thing for me would be to get a nicer desk . I'll probably be going for a corner one
  10. Thanks . This seems like a good option . I'd try the reflective film . It's gonna cost poking allot of holes in the mesh though but it's worth a shot
  11. Hi . I was thinking of doing a Halo paintjob on my case . Most of the paint wouldn't be too difficult because it would mostly be green and grey . However the challenging part would be the center dust filter . I want to make it the same color as john 117s visor but I cannot find the official color . Some say it's gold . Some say it's copper and some say it's yellowish red aka orange . I'd also like to have the reflective effect aswel . Any ideas on how I can get the real color would be appreciated
  12. Yeah I agree . Orange blades would make this
  13. Ohhh awesome. Thanks this is a cool idea. I was considering cutting cardboard or something but that's just silly lmao .
  14. Lol damn . Well . Seems that fate has spoken ?
  15. Lol this I dont know ... also this might sound strange . But before you make a final choice maybe you could have another look at both the 5500 xt and 1650 super in terms of benchmarks . It's really tricky since nvidia drivers at the moment are good . But also remember that in the long run the 5500 xt might be more powerful. So there is that to consider . And knowing AMD it takes a long time for them to fix gpu issues . But they fix them eventually. So at the end . Look at some benchmarks to see what performance pleases you . When it comes to the cooling solution look at an open air style card