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  1. Thankyou once more for your Big help. I will buy that one Bitfenix FG550W !!! 2 power Suply have exploded but pc is 100% fine.... Let's se now! Big hug to you.
  2. i dont need you do the job for me. I ask for help, and he wanna help me ( and i'm glad ), and the minumum i can make to help him is find one way so he can help me....
  3. im from Portugal, but maybe this site can help you (help me), in this >> site << we search what we are looking for, and that site give us the Cheapest price in all stores:
  4. Last question: I read r9 290 need minimum 31A in +12rail.... This BitFenix u recommend only have 30A .... it's ok?! edit: I'm realy noob in PowerSupply's.... never understand 100% how they calculate what we need.... so, sorry for my questions. But i read all what of all of you say with very atention.
  5. i really say thank you, for your help and spend time with my question, but... My pc is: If R9 required 750W.... that PSU is fine? what about this ones? Nox Urano VX 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Edition or Seasonic Core GM 650W Semi Modular 80PLUS Gold
  6. around 60€ and i buy from here: https://www.pcdiga.com/catalogo-pcdiga/componentes/fontes-de-alimentacao or https://www.globaldata.pt/componentes/fontes/atx-sfx-tfx
  7. Hello, i have buy 1 R9 290 in Second hand. I add it in my system, i have turn compter ON and all was nice. After 20 minutes.... PowerSupply explode! xD I add other Power Supply and.... after 40minutes.... Explode! :D my older PowerSupply: https://i.ibb.co/4db5VrX/73352243-734761653692159-5853046264073027584-n.jpg My question is, is this Power Supply to weak or.... Maybe R9 have some problem?? Now i wanna buy: Nox Urano VX 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Edition or Seasonic Core GM 650W Semi Modular 80PLUS Gold