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    Music and technology
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    Self made IT specialist and Audio engineer for the better part of 20 plus years. Teacher, student, and all round normal guy.
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  • Motherboard
    Prime z390-a
  • RAM
    64 gigs of corsair rgb 3200 memory
  • GPU
    2x 2070 super
    Only one installed at the moment... need the correct Nvlink.
  • Case
    Corsair 750d non airflow
  • Storage
    A lot of it... over 9 terabytes split over 9 drives all are Samsung except one being my optane drive. One of the Samsung drive is a 970 nvme the rest are 870 ssd's
  • PSU
    Corsair RM 800
  • Display(s)
    Tcl badass screen for 200 bucks. 4k for stupid cheap. Great TV as well with a Roku???!!! I'm winning!!!
  • Cooling
    Noctua d15 (poo brown)
    6 140 mill corsair Af140
    In at the front and bottom
    Out from top and back.

    I have a chromax black linus addition brand new for sale.... or just to look at. ??‍♂️
  • Keyboard
    Red dragon k552 or k551 I can't remember ( I'm old)
  • Mouse
    Samsung galaxy s9+
  • Sound
    Focusrite 18i20
    Manly massive passive
    SSL XL Desk
    Yamaha 6.5 white cones.
  • Operating System
    Ummm..... I run a few.

    I don't subscribe to one world
  • Laptop
    Macbook pro 15 (for show/clients)

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  1. I wish. But no unfortunately that's not good enough for a graphics card. The card doesn't work after they shipped it in the fashion. My other 2070 super came in a box with padding and it works just fine. For things that are 2lb or lighter maybe a bag is ok. But this nvidia card in box is close to 6lbs and will do damage to itself if it falls or is smushed up between a hard place and a harder one. The problem is cutting corners. My client is out a week and 500 on this card. We must now recoup this simply because they put it in a bag. Think about the stop loss they coul
  2. I wish I took some pictures for this. It came in the original nvidia box that was put into a bubble bag. Something like that, just bigger.
  3. I know... if it was in a box it would have been obvious that the cards box and moreover the card would have been damaged. But it arrived in an oversized plastic bag with the air bubbles inside. It didn't look suspicious except for being in a bag Yea, I always talk to my Ups guys they will wait for me to come down to them because I normally walk down with offerings of water and a bathroom privileges. I tested the card a few times and it failed at 4k, 1080p and 720p. My other card works fine at stock pushing all of that. But this one from bestbuy just kept crashing. I us
  4. I must agree here to some point. UPS has some of the nicest people working for them, but FedEx pays more so the job tends to be taken more seriously with FedEx. Also you can own your router with FedEx allowing you to have even more money in your pocket. That last part is where you get the worst of the FedEx drivers but on the same hand you get the best from that pool too. Overall FedEx has more insensitive to deliver with care. Ups us all about speed and volume.
  5. Not bullshit, I've worked for both companies in the past as a logistics manager and a package handler. the things you can get fired for under ups standards is way lower than FedEx. Sorry you feel you had information there, but you simply don't. When it comes down to it it is up to the discretion of the people handling your stuff. My UPS guys are awesome. But my ups Package handlers suck major ballz brov. FedEx has both higher standards for package handling and delivery. Next time don't take facts so personal. Next thing is it takes newegg, bestbuy and microcenter 3days around Christmas time fo
  6. They have stock, just was unwilling to replace it. The closest store to me that has that card in stock has one and its 20 miles away.
  7. I build systems, so you get a whole computer from me not just a box of parts or a part. Most of my clients have me built for their children. I'm sure this 10k PC is for his son. 9900k 128 ram corsair ram 4nvme 1tb samsung drives Rm800 2x 2070 super Just to name a few components. Then they must pay me to put this together and dial it in. When you spend that kind of money you expect it to have been tested thoroughly. Think about the amount of times people complain about something not working after a week or a month? I try to mitigate those
  8. Thank you for helping me out here. I'm definitely new here.
  9. Old aspire case fan with molex connections Lmao. Apple Cinema display.... the original dope one. Original apple magic mouse I use these things still. The fan will go into my retro build.... maybe??. lol
  10. That's exactly why I'm posting here. This is one of the biggest tech voices on the internet, so it's only fitting. Other buyers need to know what they are in store for. I appreciate your reply. I knew I wasn't alone but its comforting knowing I have someone to relate to on this.
  11. It was a week after buying it. You go with where you got it from before you go to a manufacturer. Plus you should get your product replaced faster.
  12. FedEx has higher standards than UPS. I've worked for both companies in the past. I'm sorry that I wasn't obvious in what I was referring to. I will try to be clearer next post.
  13. Well ok, where to start. Bought a 2070 super from best buy. After a week fan started malfunctioning... no biggie, I'll just replace it. Call best buy start the replacement process. Fist alert FedEx wasn't shipping the replacement ups was.... ok let it Rock out. Second alert was actually getting the item.... it was in a plastic bag brov!? Plastic!!!. I appreciate my ups guy he's really cool and super nice. I asked him directly "do you know what's in there" his answer was "no I never do" That should tell you that no particular package will g
  14. @Faisal A I don't think it's that simple. I need to know if the spacing of my board requires a longer slot setting. I definitely know that that 2 GPU's use 3 slot spacing because of card size and board spacing. I just need to know where my specific setup falls. Thank your for your reply.