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  1. Update: it was a ram problem. It got dust in slots so I had to clean it up and now it works fine. Thanks for the reply tho
  2. Hi, today my new Corsair CX550 arived and I installed in my pc and it wont post.. After some time i managed to get it power up but this happens.. It boots up and shuts down and it loops like that all the time. 20191227_145340.mp4
  3. https://www.hardjura.hr/pregled-proizvoda/fsp-hydro-500/fortron-napajanje-hydro-pro-500w-80+-bronze/ https://www.hardjura.hr/pregled-proizvoda/0150793/napajanje-seasonic-ss-520gb-520w/ They dont have many power supplies..
  4. I'm in need for a psu for my secound pc. My budget is around 50$ for psu. My specs are: gtx 1060 6gb, ryzen 5 1600x, 8gb ram. Are this power supplies good or should I get another one?
  5. Hi, I have currently in my pc fsp aurum pro 1000w 80+ gold and I was wondering if I should replace it ? My pc specs: i7 7700k, RTX 2060 6GB, 16GB RAM.
  6. Seasonic : https://www.instar-informatika.hr/napajanje-seasonic-ss-620gb-620w/0150794/product/?utm_source=nabava.net&utm_campaign=nabava.net&utm_medium=click Corsair : https://www.instar-informatika.hr/napajanje-corsair-psu-650w-cx-m-series/COR-CP-9020103-EU/product/
  7. I need help in buying new psu. My budget is around 80$ and my pc specs are : i7 7700k, RTX 2060 6GB,16GB RAM. In my country Seasonic is a bit cheaper then Corsair PSU and both are 80+ bronze. Any advice will be useful.. Thanks
  8. Yeah the first link is my psu.. Should I replace it ?
  9. Hi, I have currently ZALMAN 600w PSU 80+(it is 3 years old) and I was wondering If I should buy 650w Gold PSU or something better becouse I have read that this PSU is bad and that I should buy something better like Corsair or EVGA..My PC specs: RTX 2060 6GB Founders Edition, i7 7700k, 16gb ram.
  10. Hi, my cpu and gpu usage is constantly hitting 100% while playing this game. CPU temps are around 55-65c and gpu temp is 70c. When playing other games my cpu usage is usually at 30%. I was wondering if this is safe and is there any way i can lower cpu usage?My Specs are: i7 7700k,RTX 2060 6GB FE, 16gb RAM (2x8),650W PSU.Thanks!
  11. Soon I will be buying new GPU and I am wondering should I buy RTX 2060 Founders Edition or MSI Gaming Z model.. I am only worried about the temps becouse I heard a lot of negative stuff about FE version.. Thanks
  12. I'm planning to buy new GPU that will be good for 1080p Gaming. I've decided to buy RX 5700xt but I don't know which model should I buy? Can somebody please tell me the diffrence between Pulse and Nitro+? Thanks. Btw my current specs are : i7 7700k,16 gb ram and RX 590 Sapphire Nitro+.