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  1. I tried both and unfortunately it didn't work
  2. I've been having this problem for a while. It's only ever happened on the Epic games store but now it's happening on Tidal as well. The whole app goes really blurry and sharpens up for just a second if i drag my mouse cursor over it. I have a rtx 2080 super and an amd 5700x Thank you for your time
  3. cleared cmos and it only got the ram to 1600. Updated the bios and its back to working. Thank you guys very much!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm having a bit of a problem with my ram. I was using my pc like normal just yesterday, but when i booted it up just half an hour ago it gave me a memory overclocking error. I have 32 gigs of trident z 3200 ram with a ryzen 3700 and a msi gaming pro carbon motherboard. In my bios right now i have the speed set at 3200 and voltage at 1.35v. Yet cpu-z and task manager both state that the ram is only running at 933 and XMP will not boot. I havent had this pc more than 6 months yet and would love to fix this problem. Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, i recently cloned my hard drive onto an ssd and now i need to show the stores where games are located. I got it to work for steam and oculus but i can not find a way to show Epic Games where the already downloaded games are. This is an issue because when i cloned my drive, the drive letter changed. Any help is appreciated! thank you!
  6. i knew i met the minimum, i'm hoping my overclock will give me a boost.
  7. Hi everyone! I, like everyone in the VR community, am very excited for boneworks. Is anyone out there using an I5 4690k to play it? I know its old and it might not work too great with the game, but i would like to know if i could play it now or wait until my PC upgrade in a few months. My System: CPU: I5 4690k Overclocked to 4.6 GHz GPU: GTX 1070 RAM: 32gb I appreciate the help! I'm sorry if someone else has already answered this, I googled it and searched here and could not find the answer.
  8. I might consider that for saving money, but i'm hoping to use my old PC to get my girlfriend into PC gaming. Thank you for the advice on the processor, i wasn't aware of that.
  9. Thank you! I will be trying to upgrade to a Ryzen 7 3800x and a 2080 super soon.
  10. Hi everyone! I have a few questions for my setup. I have an I5 4690k and a 1070 and I'm wondering if my processor is bottlenecking my GPU. I primarily play VR and i notice that a lot of games like Zero Caliber just wont run very well and my oculus rift home loves to lag. I'm pretty sure it's because of my cpu but i know there are a lot more knowledgeable people on here. Hopefully soon i will be able to get a whole new pc, but if that doesn't work out, should i upgrade my processor or my graphics card? I've had friends tell me that my graphics card is the problem and other friends tell me its m