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  1. Crashes when I dont touch it either, also crashes if my leg touches the side of the computer
  2. Would there be any other way to fix that other than buying a case?
  3. Ok, so my monitors turn off, gpu fans get very loud and I can still hear audio sometimes, it looks like this error is random because it happens while playing games and when browsing the web, but when I touch the front of my computer with my hand it immediately does the error above, someone please help i've tried all I knew how to do Here is a video of the error (streamable because file is too big) https://streamable.com/rqhht9
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a gaming monitor to buy, I play cs, valorant and r6 mainly the current monitors i'm looking at are: VP249QGR 24GL600F KG241Q-S I am also wondering if there is noticeable lag on the IPS monitor Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. 2x 4gb sticks of 2800mhz and I have a gigabyte b350m motherboard
  6. I currently have a 1060 6gb with a ryzen 5 2600 and 8gb of ram what should I upgrade that would bring me the most performance? (I play csgo, apex legends and overwatch)
  7. Game is fortnite, my fps is the same (around 240fps) on 1798x1080 and 1920x1080 but on the latter the game feels very choppy my monitor is 66hz Thanks for your help
  8. Is it This link https://www.gigabyte.com/Support/Utility/Motherboard
  9. I searched Gigabyte BIOS update and I don't understand how to do it, I can't find the download to the latest BIOS update
  10. The R5 3600 would work just fine with a BIOS update? And how do you update your BIOS
  11. Will Zen 2 cpu's also not work well due to power draw? And also which cpus are zen 2?
  12. I was going to buy the Ryzen 7 2700X for my gaming pc and I was wondering if it would fit on my motherboard, my mobo is a Gigabyte AB350M-DS2-CF Am4 socket would it fit/work? Thank you for your time :)