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  1. Thanks ya'll, I upgraded the belt tensioner on both printers. I'm still having issues with one of them but one is good. I agree with Colin I think it may be snagging on it but I'm not sure. I've got a camera set up to watch them but I'm not sure. Ill have to watch the video when the test print is done.
  2. Hello, I installed a direct drive extruder kit (Swiss). I've been having issues with the feed rate of the kit. I changed the E steps for it to 130 like the kit recommended and have tried turning it down slightly, but nothing has helped. I've looked around but I haven't found a great solution that addresses my problem. Thanks for the help in advance, Grim
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Ender 3 Pro. I got it all put together in the correct order and fashion. When I try to auto-home or move the motors through the Motion-> Move Axis-> Move X (Also any others) it makes a click noise and moves the tiniest bit and stops abruptly and makes a sound/motion that sounds/feels like it is trying to move but stuck. It is running version 2.0.6 with all stock parts. I have tried re-seating the connections on all the motors, power cycling (a lot), re-installing the firmware, resetting the system to defaults, and making sure the connections are all correct of
  4. Thegrimfew2

    cat thread

    Yeah sorry they didn't go up ill retry
  5. Thegrimfew2

    cat thread

    My cat Penelope (Penny). I got her around thanksgiving while I was in a rough patch. She has been amazing and I love her very much. She is very cuddly when I get home from work. She enjoys being swaddled, dont know why but she does. (Don't worry its loose she gets out when she is done or wants to do something else) Here she is in all her glory
  6. Okay thank you! The print took a good 2 minutes with a scraper tool to take off so I'd say it was. Also I dont know a ton about 3d printers especially belt tension. What is a way you would recommend a good check to see if its tight enough?
  7. @Levent you really are just my guardian angel aren't you?
  8. Printing at 45mm/s. It was standard in the slicer at 60mm/s
  9. Here are some pictures of the first print.
  10. Bed was leveled, slicer config was 25 percent infill, black PLA from microcenter (inland), I actually restarted the print because I forgot the glue, im using purple elmers glue picture soon
  11. So I was 1Day 19Hrs in on a 4 day print when I came home to see that the entire print had shifted 1/8inch towards the back. The print was well secured to the bed and it just seemed to have been a slicing issue. BUT I did a test print with a file I had sliced and printed before which just exploded into a nest. I dont have any pictures just because I was so upset I tried to fix the first one to hopefully fix it but couldn't and I was just passed off with the second one. I still have the first print but I got rid of the second one.
  12. Thegrimfew2

    cat thread

    This is Penelope (Penny for short) she enjoys living in my one bedroom. She is always loud unless she is asleep. Very nice and likes to play. She was born in April and is already large from what I can tell.
  13. No error messages, I'm using cura and I did manage to "print" the same file before (its the one that failed while I was at work), I also printed one that was included with the printer on the card originally.
  14. Hey guys I was wondering if there was a official cat tips thread or forum on the site. I didn't find one but I might have missed it. I recently got a cat and I think it would be nice to have a place on the site for the community to gather and enjoy the cats