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  1. So my mom asked me if you can connect a website to your phone so that when someone orders something from a website it would send a notification to a phone. I know this is posible but i am not skilled enough to make something like that as i have not been learning programing for a long time. If anyone knows how to make something like that or knows someone that makes things like that can you help? EDIT: im sorry havent been really clear so here is edit Ok so my mom owns a restaurant and she has a webpage (https://www.hotel-zlatan.com/) and she wants to know how much it would cost
  2. I was looking to buy some good headphones and sennheiser is awlays the best choice so, I was wondering if anyone knows if Sennheiser momentum In-ear G and xiaomi mi 9t pro are compatible with each other or shoud I say is my phone's 3,5mm deck any good for those kind of headphones.
  3. @Sylentic For the virus Im 100% certain that is is not the case, but was thinking about the posibility of a hardware defectivnes too. EDIT: And forgot to note that today it wasnt that big of a problem it started almost normaly. i went on chrome instantly but still havent tried the games.
  4. @Plouffe Can i do anything to fix it or is saving my data and reinstaling windows the only option?
  5. @Sylentic Yes I tought of that but wondered it there was a simpler way to do it.
  6. @Sylentic alredy did that and it seems that that is not the problem so im really confused. And i ran a maintence scan and nothing is wrong acording to my PC but there is something wrong so idk.
  7. So cant send screenshots of anything since it is not a error. To get to the point I start my PC and the first hour of it wrking i cant open chrome or anything but later it becomes ok accept the games they dont wanna load. Here is a fiew thing i did before that hapenned I have 2tb HDD(C:480<windows,D:480,E:880) and I transfered every game from D disk to E so arround 150 GB and as i was transfering i was playing a game but I cant see wht that would be a problem. If anyone had a similar problem or and knows how too fix this it would be apreciated.