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  • Birthday Dec 17, 2003

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    Bandung, Indonesia
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    Lil' bit cooking and PC building.
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    i like dimsum and bottled water.
  1. Lego just posted this on their facebook. Thoughts?
  2. Show your <=$20 gaming keyboard. Mine's Fantech Fighter K613L. It has Fantech's own floating switch, 3 RGB modes, 8 million keystroke lifetime, and a metal body. With a numpad will cost you $12, without a numpad will cost you $11. Nice for gaming, but the keys are too cramped for me. Nice cheap clicky sound tho.
  3. Mine was 95 degree celsius, when i was playing GTAV on my bed with my laptop. Within 4-5 mins, cpu temp were up to 95 degree, and the gpu were up to 93 degree. I think the problem was the bed reducing my laptop airflow. Normally, i would run GTAV on my laptop for about 75 degree both cpu and gpu. How about you?
  4. Classics, i like Champagne Supernova the most.