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  1. Except, we do know. That’s what makes the difference between people that get scammed and people that don’t
  2. Of course youre entitled to your opinions. But that doesnt mean you should go spread your opinion that could negatively impact a user on the forums that makes the mistake of trusting that “advice”. Let’s say OP does get his money back. Still, it’ll be a giant waste of time and probably a pain to go through the process especially if the seller decides to go MIA after completing the scam
  3. Not attacking you Im attacking your garbage advice. Shouldve taken the hint when others even said so
  4. And? As I said scammers get away with it often despite ebay’s “money back guarantee”. Again, like I said, why do you think scammers are there in the first place? Now, if youre gonna respond please say something worthwhile instead of copy pasting a worthless link thinking you proved something. Just plain ignorant to tell someone to buy an obvious scam on ebay just because there’s a money back guarantee
  5. Scammers often get away it and people lose their money. Why do you think there are so many scammers on ebay if their “buyer protection guarantee” is flawless and no one ever gets scammed? Just plain stupid to take the risk and assume ebay will 100% get their money back
  6. It is no doubt fake the images dont even match up. One picture it has paper packing cushion in the box, 2 other pictures it has those plastic airbags. 0 feedback seller, $800, literally nothing adds up to indicate it’s legit. Even the description saying “legit and not a scam” or whatever adds to the fact it’s obviously not legit. How many legit sellers do you see that put that in the description? Literally so many posts of people asking questions like these, why is it so hard to understand that no one wants to sell you something for half the price or even less than what they can actually get f
  7. Yeah i sound like a broken record because i have to repeat myself over and over and youll still miss what im saying. “Who are you to say his cpu is weak asf” like i said, someone that had it? And tell me where i said the 2600x makes games unplayable. Never said that. It’s weak but can still play games. Yes he stated his issue has been “fixed” yet posted a screenshot with it showing pretty much the exact same issue. Only 66 fps, 70% gpu usage. Suboptimal and waste of money on a card like that, but if Op is happy, cool
  8. Dont even know where that is or how to get there. I have like 1 hour on the game, most of which i spent benchmarking/using to help me overclock.
  9. Read and learn. And dont tell me a ryzen 7 1700 wont bottleneck a 5700xt and it must be software related. Even if the usage on the cpu isnt very high.
  10. Even then looking at the per thread usage (which you had no clue about until I told you btw) the cores dont have to be maxed out. Hence why, as I said, i blamed it on my 5700’s drivers. Because neither were showing max usage. But a cpu upgrade fixed it all up nice.
  11. Ok prove my point go ahead. At higher resolutions gpu takes more time to render as you said but his gpu is barely working, which means the CPU cant feed it enough frames. You can be one of those people that blames everything on drivers or whatever, like I did until I upgraded my cpu and it fixed everything. But if u wanna think its drivers or whatever go ahead. But it shows right there his cpu is too weak
  12. Max settings 1080p pretty much any game besides single player games that are heavily gpu demanding. Yeah dont say “but 1080p is prime for cpu bottlenecking” again and thats its not comparable because higher resolutions dont magically lift load from the CPU, theres just more load on the gpu. And since his gpu isnt at 100%, it’s obvious how his 2600 is holding back his gpu