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  1. @flashilingI followed all of the steps in the troubleshooting link you sent, the only thing is, I don't have a Microsoft UAA driver to begin with so I can't try uninstalling it like the guide says to try .
  2. @flashilingI'm not getting the -0001 error anymore but now I get a "no driver was supported In this driver package" message @flashilingnever mind it's back to the error
  3. @flashilingI’m not exactly sure what you mean by a green and red/pink cable...I have determined that my front headphone and mic ports are 3 pin so it makes sense that I can’t get both audio and mic at the same time (which I’m confident I can fix with a Y splitter). But it doesn’t explain the the driver not being able to install.
  4. @flashiling I just have a regular 3.5mm jack headset with a built in mic. I got on the phone with a Microsoft tech support person and let them do Quick Connect for over an hour and they still couldn’t install the latest official one. He ended up installing a seemingly old Realtek hd audio driver from a site I haven’t ever used which was a bit worrying...I read the link you sent and I’ll be trying the troubleshooting steps to see if any of them work. I think a possibility as to why I have this error issue is because the boot ssd came out of a laptop and already had an audio driver on it? Maybe
  5. @flashilinghere are some pictures of the error, device manager, and of windows not detecting the headphones as an input. In device manager there isn't anything besides high definition audio device and Nvidia high definition audio. I assume it's because I don't have any Realtek audio driver...? thanks for the help
  6. @flashiling the mic will only work if I have the headset plugged into the microphone port, but then I have no audio output into the headphones. And when I plug them into the headphones port and my pc doesn’t detect them as having mic
  7. @flashiling its a hyper x cloud stinger headset. I tried a turtle beach headset too and the same thing happens. windows doesn't recognize anything besides bluetooth devices as input or output @flashiling I have a laptop that has a Realtek HD audio driver on it. could it be a viable option to transfer the .exe file from there and install it in the other computer?
  8. I just finished building my first pc and after not being able to use my headphone's mic on warzone I narrowed the possible problem to an old audio driver, but when I try downloading the new one I get a 0001 error. can anyone help? here are some system specs if it helps Mobo: Asrock b550m steel legend Cpu: ryzen 5 5600x Gpu: Msi Rtx 3070 gaming x trio Ram: 16gb oloy warhawk rgb Psu: Evga 750w supernova
  9. parrotperil I have 2 of the same AC adapters and they both work so I know that's not the problem. I've had the battery unplugged a few times and there is a bit of slop with the battery connector socket on the mobo so the bent pin was probably my fault. I tested the DC jack without the battery plugged in, and still nothing. I found a new DC cable on ebay for 20$ so I'll try that with and without the battery plugged in and see what happens. I took some clearer pictures of the battery connector socket and the internal DC socket. (The arrow is pointing to the pin I straightened). Thanks
  10. My alienware 13 r3 was working fine until it randomly wouldn't power on. no lights, fans, or display. There is a distinct electrical buzz and a burning smell when I plugged in the power cord which led me to believe it was a short on the motherboard. but upon further investigation after I removed the internal DC cable, the power jack is the only place It smelled burnt. also, one of the pins where the battery plugs into the motherboard was bent to the left, but don't know if that contributed to the problem
  11. LG UltraGear 32-inch QHD Gaming Monitor (32GK850F-B) for 329$ does anyone know if that's a good deal? thanks
  12. Check this out on @Newegg: GIGABYTE M27Q 27" 170Hz 1440P KVM Gaming Monitor, 2560 x 1440 SS IPS, 0.5ms (MPRT), 92% DCI P3, HDR Ready, FreeSync Premium, 1x Display Port 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB Type-C