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  1. Got an update: I moved back to a top exhaust w/ 3 120mm intakes in the front... the GPU temp is about 69C so no change there, but the CPU temp seems to have risen about 10C all under similar conditions with the same fan curves. Also the fan noise seems louder. So it seems a bit odd, But my previous setup seemed better for me and this case. I had the radiator intake in the front, with 1 intake fan up top right above the radiator, then the 2 top/back fans being exhaust and the rear fan exhaust. About the same GPU temp here, but much quieter with lower CPU temp. I was hopi
  2. Mine's not mesh, it's solid. JM21 was talking about a mod he had previously done
  3. I was just thinking about doing that today. It's pretty obvious now that I think about it, but I didn't realize the intake was pushing air through the hot radiator when I first went with that setup. I'm going to keep it a day or two to see how my CPU temperature currently is with the tasks I run. Then I'll make the switch, and compare the two. I'm expecting it'll drop a couple more Celsius and I'll more than likely keep the radiator up top
  4. Haha yeah I'm figuring that out. I don't mind tinkering, it helps me learn, but next build I'll go with something like a meshify
  5. Wow, that's a nice mod, was it a lot of work making the mesh panel? I'll try the radiator up top and compare both my CPU and GPU temps now.
  6. I recently made some fairly easy mods on the NZXT H710 I just built to improve the airflow. It might be a little funky but so far it's getting the job done. Hopefully this helps someone as this case seems like it would be pretty hard to get adequate air on some higher end builds. For reference the GPU Temps are at 95% usage and under similar conditions (cooler is Kraken X62, internal fans are stock x4): Before: 76C with the front panel on (pump + radiator fans 90-100%) 71C with the front panel off (pump + rad fans 70-90%) After: ~66C
  7. Just installed Windows 10 on my first PC build and I would really appreciate some advice from the pros here I'm looking for the best free Antivirus and Malware protections and PC Cleaners. I'm thinking of getting Advanced System Care, CCleaner, maybe Avast and Malwarebytes. I'm completely new to getting a new PC up and running, so any general advice or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated I have already ran Windows update and tried to download all of the drivers, but I don't know if I got all of them or not... ALSO: My system doesn't seem to b
  8. I'm wrapping my first ever build, but have 1 little problem. There is a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connection from my case that is not supported by my Z390 UD Mobo. I'm hoping there is a cheap fix for this, maybe an adapter? Does anyone know or is my only option getting a diff Mobo? Thanks
  9. Big thanks for the quick and detailed reply ? I was under the impression that OC the Hz led to artifacts and whatnot from a video Linus did on some 240Hz monitor that boosted to 265Hz or something.
  10. Just bought this monitor and am wondering how well the boosted 165hz (w/ G-sync enabled) display really works... Is it the real deal, or is it basically just a marketing gimmick that leaves ghosting and artifacts in it's wake?
  11. I like all of the AMD parts complimenting eachother. Maybe I should have gone that way, oh well. Not sure how the overclocking of those parts and mine compare, but I plan on testing that as well. Just curious, why did you opt out of a cooler? Thanks for your input
  12. The total build was about ~1350 after taxes in a mix between Newegg and Amazon. GPU ~460 CPU ~200 MOBO ~90
  13. I tried pretty hard to get the most bang for my buck. I definitely could have skimped on the case, but not sure what else. Everything else seemed to be about double the cost without much improvement. What were you thinking of changing?
  14. It's definitely a solid card. The benchmarks I saw comparing the two gave the i5 a slight edge in fps, at least when overclocked (something else i need to learn). Thank you both! @GoldenLag, I really don't mind criticisms. I'm still new to this, there might be something I can learn... And it's never too late to return and rebuy