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  1. Is it possible to use 1866 MHz memory in a H87 chipset motherboard? And if it works does it "downclock" the memory to 1600 MHz? Thanks in advance!
  2. So I just got an old monitor for like 5 bucks. But when I checked at the back it only had a 13w3 connector... So I wonder where I could possibly buy an 13w3 to VGA cable, or what other old elektroniks that use that same connector? Any suggestions?
  3. The problem was the adapter. It did not want to funktion with my gpu. I purchased a DP to VGA adapter instead and that fixed everything!
  4. So my monitor just randomly went black and then it changed resolution to something very low. When i try to change the resolution in Nvidia Control panel the monitor just shows up as Nvidia Digital Display? After some googling I only found that my EDID file could be corrupt? I don`t know waht it is or how i really should fix it. Any ideas? Then a reply would be appreciated! THX! PS: Forget the different language in the photo.
  5. So I am trying to hook up a VGA monitor to my personal rig. And I am using an adapter to be able to convert from digital to analog. But every so often my monitor just goes black and gets RE recognized. Sometimes it even changes its name. And even going so far that all NVIDIA control panel settings get reverted. I don`t have this problem on my laptop but it used Intel graphics. Any ideas? Please reply! THX!
  6. Ok, I don't think that's the case. How should i power the adapter for optimal performance. Usb in mobo or totally different plug into a power outlet?
  7. What do you meen with the electrical grounding. And if that would be the case, what would the solution be?
  8. It actually works like a charm on any other laptop i have tried. But they use Intel graphics. I actually don't know what exactly the problem is. Have you had any similar problems or do you have any clues on what the problem could be?
  9. My adapter doesn't increase the input lag by very much, tho the problem is that the screen goes black for 1-3 seconds at random time. And yes I use Crt for those advantages!
  10. My GPU doesn't have Dvi-I. I am actually trying to hook up a really good CRT monitor. Do you think a DVI-D TO VGA active adapter could work better?
  11. @Levent The adapter: https://en.j5create.com/products/jda213 It isn't sketchy or anything, the screen just goes black randomly if I don't plus in the USB first and then plug it in to the pc. It could just be that I am hooking it up wrong... Any ideas?
  12. Is it possible to do so the HDMI port on my GPU doesn't give out any extra power? Need to do this because my adapter is taking power from hdmi port even though it needs more than the port van supply. I want it to take power from usb instead. Thx.
  13. Hi, I actually fixed it! There was some dirt i the socket, so i jus carefully removed it and now it boots! Thx so much for your help!