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  1. Budget: 30000DKK Country: Denmark So i was looking at the new rtx card on my local store web page, and saw that there was a 3 houer wait time, before release. so i decided to just look around, and get som insperation for a new build. well..... it was time well spend, cuz it just cost me 30000 DKK (4800USD) WTF shall i say to my wife Parts. Lian li o11 dynamic XL case. Lian li Galahad 360 AIO. Lian li Unifan sl120 x10. Lian li vertical gpu bracet. Asus maximus xii hero (Wifi) intel i9-10900K G-skill trident royal 3600mhz
  2. I changed my mind (luckily they haven't send my ordre) I changed it to the Corsair crystal 680x, and 3x Ql120 + 5x Ql140 fans
  3. Thanks for the suggestions I have settled for 3x Ql120 and 5x Ql140 in my Corsair crystal 680x
  4. Thank u so much for the replays I have now ordered a 500d se and 2 x3 packs of ql120 fans + a light strip extension kit and about cable managment ^^ I think it can't be worse then my msi gongnir 100 (not fun to cable manege in that case)
  5. Hi guys Just a quick one. Corsair QL120 or LL120, if money is no obstacle? wanna buy 6 new fans, but can't decide
  6. Heh:) sorry didn't know that it supports 3 gen^^ but yet, dont go with Samsung ssd, too pricey:P A crucial mx500 ssd is a solid bet. It isn't a nvme, but really fast non the less
  7. Do u have a 2 generation ryzen cpu, so u can update the mobo bios to work with the ryzen 3700x? if not I would suggest a mobo whit a x570 chipset
  8. Hi guys I'm gonna buy a new premium pc case, I really like the ASUS ROG Strix Helios and the corsair 500d rgb se anyone have one of these? And if so, what are your impressions of it (good/bad)? I literally can't chose, so please help a man in need my spec are: Msi z390 carbon pro. i7-9700K. g.skill trident z rgb 16GB 3200mhz. msi RTX 2070 Super gaming X trio. corsair h100i platinium 240mm rgb AIO. 3x corsair ll120 rgb fans.
  9. After som tweeking, I'm now stable at 2.8V 5GHZ whit a ring ratio at 47GHZ, and a AVX offset of 300MHZ + loadline calibration at 2 (out of 7)
  10. I'm only using it to game on it's my first PC build ^^
  11. I dont know what XTU is? bubut I'm using Ada64 + 3dmark + pcmark10
  12. Hi guys I just overclocked my cpu and gpu for the first time, is my result any good? I7-9700K: 5GHZ on all cors, at 1.3V and highest temp at 69 degrees. Msi RTX2070 super gaming X trio: 2040 MHZ core clock and 7800 MHZ memory clock, at 60 degrees. For mobo, I'm using, msi Z390 MPG gaming pro carbon