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  1. Ok. I was mainly assuming they just had some sort of USB controller hooked up, which would probably require some special abuse of the protocol to send AV signals. But that makes sense if it’s all hooked up directly to the SOC
  2. I’ve been using a lightning to HDMI adapter with my iPhone and iPad and it looks great, even on a 4K tv. But this raises a question: how is this the case? If lightning operates at USB 2.0 speeds (as Linus says), how can it transfer video in such great quality? I don’t see compression artifacts or anything…
  3. Hi all, As stated in the title, I just bought a brand new M27Q off Amazon (shipped by Amazon themselves). I'm on the Gigabyte website trying to register the product and it says I need a "Check Number" in addition to my SN. However, I cannot find any sort of "check number" by the SN. The only place where I see the SN is on the rear by the ports, not on the box or anywhere else. Without this magic check number, registration is impossible. Anyone here have a similar issue? What do I do here?
  4. Alright, I spoke too soon... the buzzing/stuttering is less frequent but not gone. It’s still there. Could it be the motherboard?
  5. [sorry for necro] I upgraded my power supply the other day and it seems to have fixed the problem entirely! I’m now running a Phanteks Amp 750W because it’s ranked highly in the Tier List, and because it’s fully modular at the same price as the semi modular Focus GM 750W. No problems gaming while running my 1080p monitor and 4k tv from the 2060 (although I can only game at 2K if I want lots of frames, but that’s to be expected).
  6. Funny thing is, the PSU exhaust is never hot. I don't think they're meant to get as hot as a CPU/GPU, but I'd expect something... nope. Even after an hour of gaming (high power draw) it's room temperature. I’d expect some heat if it’s that close to maximum load which is why I find this strange. I suppose its also a good thing that my PC is on a desk, otherwise I might run into worse problems.
  7. That's my thought too, but here's the thing: these problems occur regardless of the load. In fact, the stuttering doesn't happen at all when I play Warzone at 1080p on max settings my computer runs smoothly then (except for the persistent buzz). What could be causing the stuttering?
  8. I installed my RTX 2060 recently, and now I've discovered some new issues with my build. I think the problem is strain on my PSU, but I could be wrong. Here are the symptoms: During media playback (YT, local file, any video really) the whole computer will stutter. Like there'll be a split second of loud static in my headphones and the video will stop briefly. Applications other than the video will also stutter, including mouse movement Doesn't happen when listening to music on Spotify, but will happen when watching a video in the browser or with a
  9. Oh, now it sounds like a buzzer around 4kHz! This is exciting! It's not even whining anymore, this is way louder I don't notice when I have my headphones on, but damned if it doesn't sound awful. It's almost as loud as the fans.
  10. Too bad my fans are quiet I guess. You’d think manufacturers would buy betters coils & put a bit of glue on them to reduce the issue, but I guess that’s too much to ask. Anyway, on a related note, my headphones now buzz when the power draw goes up! There are gremlins in my PC now
  11. I swapped my MSI 1060 6GB OCV1 out for a new 2060 Ventus today, and it's already doing an outstanding job producing electronic music with 8-16kHz coil whine. The fans also click a bit at low speeds. I'm not really impressed with this apparent lack of quality or thought during the design process. I have heard good things about MSI cards, and my 1060 made no noise (outside of the normal fan stuff). I verified the source is indeed the GPU by listening closely; it's not the power supply. And it's still noticeable when I put the side panel on the case. Do I have to RMA t
  12. Hmm. Well, that would be more of a Windows problem if it were related to hibernating. Remember, hibernating is the same as shutting down in the eyes of the hardware, except now your keyboard is a power button. Sleeping is the same as low power usage with no video output, so everything is still powered. I don’t let my pc sleep, I always hibernate/restart/shutdown. Again, sleeping or hibernating are unlikely to cause any problems for you and I highly recommend hibernation if you have an SSD since it’s better than sleeping for energy, and faster than restarting for getting back to
  13. There’s an edit button too... fyi Anyway, no problems recently. I’ve had peak performance recently, even though I don’t often push the limits that much: I used 15gb of ram and 80% cpu, plus 500MBps write speed in Lightroom this week. Occasional 4K 100mbps video rendering is ? This is just a sudden and abrupt end to things. I’ll contact the warranty dept. and see if I can’t get a new board.
  14. So I’ve been running the PC since June of 2018. I have: Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte x470 Gaming 5 Wifi MSI 1060 6gb OCV1 Corsair CX450 Bronze GeIL EVO POTENZA 2x8GB DDR4 2400 Multiple HDD / SSD I clean it every few months to remove dust, and I have two intake and two exhaust fans, in addition to my Cryorig CPU cooler. The exhaust is usually pretty cool. I haven’t had any problems with hardware whatsoever until now. There I was, watching Prime Video, when I put it into hibernate. I came back, and now I get the red CPU light. This normally stay