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  1. Thanks, I will have a look for kailh brown switches!
  2. So, I am looking for a new keyboard. I don't mind the size, as long as it is somewhere between 60%-100%. Budget is £100, would be nice if it was a bit less tho'. I am looking for Brown Switches, not sure what brand, cherry MX Brown? (Don't know much about keyboards, that's why I am here.) I was looking at some Ducky keyboards but I am not 100%, heard of some from drop and some other places, I would also be changing the key-caps, not fussed on hot-swappable switches. All recommendations are helpful!
  3. By having a brief look I am mostly interested in the be quiet! Pure Base 500DX, Corsair 220T & Fractal Design Meshify C; the 275R seems to be good but I am not a big fan of the front panel design.
  4. I am not really looking for any massive difference tbh; I am using the stock cooler btw. Am thinking of a new case maybe, have taking the liken in the white Fractal Design Meshify C You might wonder whats the point if I am not looking for a massive difference, it is just that I feel like the airflow isn't what I want and these fans are a bit loud for my liking and also I am planning on doing some mod customs for my test rig so I might as well have the upgrade and use the old ones.
  5. Thanks for your response, I will look into the fans. I was thinking about swapping out case soon due to the restricted front panel; do you have any nice white recommendations? No worries if not. Have a good-day
  6. Hello, I am looking for some new intake fans for the front of my computer what is packing: 3700x + 2070Super + 1440p 144hz Monitor + x2 1080p 60hz As of speaking the CPU temps from Ryzen Master idles at about 40-45c running windows 10 while doing some web-browsing and more. During gaming it can reach up to 75c but normally averages at about 65c. My current intake fans are the original Corsair Spec-06 RGB White case fans what are 2, 120mm at the front (top two) then I have some other Corsair fans for the top and rear what I bought about 6 months ago. I feel like th
  7. I ended out doing a new install of windows as I was planning on doing one anyways | I no longer get the problem so I am not sure what made this happen. As of rn I run the game with V-sync off and FPS unlimited at 12 block render distance with no optifine (due to me playing 1.16 what doesn't support optifine yet) - Make sure u have up to date drivers etc as well! I do have 3700x + 2070 Super so with it being Intel there will prob be something different if u have the same setup as Vrehh or intel in general but nothing massive
  8. Thanks for the response: I will look into them
  9. Hello, I am in the market for some new headphones/headset for my computer and Laptop. I am currently stuck with some crappy earbuds what are awful for gaming etc. I was looking at the StealSeries line, however, I want to see some other opinions on them along with options you would go for at the £100 ($125) mark. PLEASE do not send links to American sites as most of the times the deals and availability DO not transfer over to England. I would rather have a detachable microphone and it doesn't matter if it is Wireless or Wired. I mainly play games like csgo etc so
  10. I am currently using 3700x with x570 mobo but I originally had it paired with a b450 tomahawk max what is now in a different build - but with my experience I had no problem with the 3700x, most b450 mobo support 3rd gen ryzen and if u aren't sure u can easily find out by doing some searching - if you are looking to upgrade to a 3950x u might want to consider looking into a x570 mobo as the tomahawk vrms might not be powerful enough (cooling) for the cpu what could cause throttling (bad performance) +if ur going for an high end CPU why risk it going with a low end mobo- so I would say if u can
  11. Hello, I am getting back into minecraft as I have nothing to do. However, I am running into a problem with my game - it stutters every few seconds. I am using Optifine 1.15.2 along with Java 64bit version. My specs are: 3700x & 2070 Super with 16gb ram (stock + 3200mhz). I have given 4gb to Java to see if it would help but it didn't, and I know giving Minecraft more ram sometimes makes it worse but in this case nothing is different. While looking at the fps within the game it is between 150 - 250 without V-Sync and with V-sync is stays around about 144 but
  12. Hello, yesterday I experienced my 3600 stock cooler stop spinning, I have checked all cables and everything seems to be fine. I have installed a different air cooler into the PC from my other build and it started perfectly fine. I have cleaned out the cooler and yet nothing, very confused however I guess it was perfecting timing as the cooler was sitting at idle temps of about 57 - 65 at stock, that is even with re-applying thermal paste etc. This doesn't add up as my friend had the same setup and he is getting 40 - 50 at idle. I have £60 and want to get the best cpu cooler possible - it c
  13. Another thing is that I do trust you and the fact that it will work okay with a b450 board - I just want to explore it more if you understand.
  14. Yes, I am aware of this, however, the ones I have seen is the 3600 and I know it works fine as I have built and used a ton of machines - I just haven't seen the 3700x been paired with it - I want to see all problems it might have or it might not. I want to see if it is okay to use a 3700x daily use with a b450 or should people just save up for the recommended x570 boards having to spend some extra cash. I will be back on in the morning as I have got a full day of exams tomorrow - have a good day
  15. Hello, so I have stumbled across apparently a very common question, does the 3700x perform good on a b450? I have looked around a bit and I have mostly found that it will work fine with some small problems like the XMP not working and that you have to setup it up manually, however, my biggest concern is that will it just fry the cpu due to something like bad vrms, I have read on this forum and on other forums of the motherboard thermal throttling cpus and even breaking them - I have seen some videos but non of them gave a clear answer. One example of this would be the b