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    Jeppes got a reaction from FakeKGB in Ryzen 5 3600 (stock cooler) 65°C idle temps, +75°C load temps   
    Normal temps, no need to worry.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from flametwist in RUMOR - DIAMOND IN SIGHT?   
    You mean read line by line till you get to the point where its mentioned at the end. I would put that disclaimer on all pages as now you can easily miss that if you only look at the numbers.
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    Jeppes reacted to narrdarr in GPU fans make noise simply because of the need to keep GPU cooled.   
    well a couple things have already been mentioned, but im going to recap and add some things.
    1. limited case intake
    2. cpu cooler fan is on backwards. dumping hot air against the flow of air in the rest of the case.
    3. since the intake is so limited. moving or adding a fan to rear exhaust should be helpful.
    4. the gpu itself. that model uses a cheaper heatsink design. yea the fans aren't great, but the heatsink itself is probably a limiting factor. there isn't going to be a way to change the heatsink without changing the fans. you'll have 3 options.
    1. deshroud the heatsink and fans then ziptie 2x 92mm or 2x 120mm fan to the heatsink. your also need a crj dual cable to connect the fans to the gpu fan header. this option is the cheapest and see a noticeable difference.  2. buy an artic accelero. there are a few models i think a duo will fit but you'll have to double check. the option will cost a little more, but also preform better. 3. buy a rajintek Morpheus. this would be complete overkill and cost the most. this only a heatsink and you'll need to buy 2x 120mm fan to mount to it and a cable too. on the plus side it might be so overkill you might be able to run it passively. but you would have to test it.  * both option 2 and 3 come with small heatsinks for vrm and memory but the tape for them kinda sucks and i wouldn't even use them.
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    Jeppes reacted to emosun in GPU fans make noise simply because of the need to keep GPU cooled.   
    Honestly the cooler on that card looks like its just a chunk of aluminum so its cooling performance probably isnt great which would lead to needing a lot of air over it. Id suggest moving the tower to a different room or using headphones
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Mateyyy in RUMOR - DIAMOND IN SIGHT?   
    You mean read line by line till you get to the point where its mentioned at the end. I would put that disclaimer on all pages as now you can easily miss that if you only look at the numbers.
  6. Informative
    Jeppes got a reaction from SeanTwig in I bought an AMD 6800XT that runs worse than my GTX 1080. Am I going nuts?   
    All you have to do is watch a couple of cpu reviews to gain some basic information about which games are cpu limited. And cpu limits can be on one-core perf or all-core perf. Slow ram will make you hit cpu-limits much faster. And its not all about the MHz, timings make a difference too.
    Gamers nexus test with 10400 2666MHz shows the difference can be up to 20%.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in 3900X heating up to 95 C in stress test,normal?   
    H100 is just not that great of a cooler. On Kitguru review it matched the temps of Arctic Freezer 34 while being 11dB louder with 9900K oc'd. Buy 2x Arctic p12 pwm-pst fans for less than 15€:s and see if its just the horrible stock fans Corsair used.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Boyohan in AM4 AIO on a TR4 Socket   
    It depends a lot on what cpu you run too. 3960X or 3970x for example only has a heat source in the middle and 3990X has double the chiplets scattered around a lot larger surface area under the heatspreader.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from BerkayZ87 in 4000D Airflow vs Pure Base 500DX   
    Performance is so close that I would just pick the one you like more based on looks. And same goes for Meshify 2, p400a/p300a/p500a, NR600, Lancool 2 mesh etc new mesh cases that are done right.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from BerkayZ87 in 4000D Airflow vs Pure Base 500DX   
    Most likely the stock fans are enough on 500DX.
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    Jeppes reacted to Middcore in First professional review of Intel's Rocket Lake (11700K) is out.. and it's a disaster   
    It shouldn't be performing worse than the chip from 5.5 years ago in any cases, and the fact that it does is notable and remarkable. 
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    Jeppes got a reaction from OCNewbee in I deshrouded but temps are not that great   
    Small heat sink is not going to be great with any fans.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Liargoff in Is there a decent air cooler that fits into this case for the Ryzen 9 5950X?   
    Most coolers will fit. If you have a 350W gpu like 3080, it will be a hotbox.
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    Jeppes reacted to Noctua Fan Fan in My brothers brand new computer is crashing when he tries to play games.   
    Can you tell us the full spec of the machine and maybe a pic of it in its 'natural environment'. It seems like it crashes too quick for it to be ambient induced thermals but worth checking.
    You did paste the CPU right? lol
    Have you brought up hwinfo and re-created to see behaviour of the CPU (thermal and boost) and GPU (thermal and boost)?
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    Jeppes reacted to spartaman64 in M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap   
    say what you want apple are geniuses at planned obsolesce  
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    Jeppes got a reaction from LogicalDrm in Cooling a Ryzen 7 5800x with a Noctua NH-U9S Chromax Black?   
    Scythe Fuma 2. Easy choice.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from wat3rmelon_man2 in How does TechPowerUp's 'Relative Performance' work?   
    Techpowerup also usually uses the fe versions or amd stock versions if available. FE and AMD stock cards had horrible coolers before 3000 and 6000 series and could be double digit % slower than custom cards with good coolers.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Levent in Gtx 1070 radiator turns purple   
    What makes you think it did not look like that all the time?
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    Jeppes reacted to bowrilla in IMPORTANT PSA FOR WRAITH PRISM USERS   
    To believe is not to prove. Do you have any data (i.e. from HWInfo64 or similar programs) that demonstrate a severe raise in temperatures on the DIMM modules? 
    Whatever it is you're doing, I'd expec tthe 3900X to overheat before the cooler could actually transfer enough heat over the air to the DIMM modules for those to overheat and take damage. JEDEC defines regular operating temps of memory modules to be <=85°C. Up to 95°C operation at half refresh rates is safely possible. Beyond that there is significant risk of damage. However, in order to heat up the chips to beyond 95°C you'd definitely need air that is hotter than that hitting the modules and that would mean CPU temps WELL BEYOND 100°C.
    So without any solid data to make your case I very much doubt that the Wraith cooler has anything to do with your failed memory and the fact that the module closest to the cooler died is most likely pure coincidence.
    P.S.: the JEDEC specs obviously do not say anything about stability of faster than spec memory. Instability and errors however do not mean damage.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from leadeater in AT&T Publicly Humiliated over crappy internet   
    Nah. Just use 4G or 5G to give out speedy internet for rural areas. Works great with directional antennas and is very cost effective.
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    Jeppes reacted to WoodenMarker in Is the Corsair A500 good?   
    An additional case fan should help. 3 and 4pin headers are backwards compatible. What case are you using?
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Mister Woof in MSI Afterburner just for fan control?   
    Vega is what it is. I cant get afterburner working any better. I just started to use game profiles in Adrenaline for fan control as that seems to work a bit better.
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    Jeppes reacted to Bartandroid123 in CDPR hit with Cyberattack, source codes of Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, and more supposedly leaked.   
    Its honestly just sad that thing like these happen, i agree cyberpunk is glichy but it is still an amazing game!
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Jason 57 in which case is better? both budget options   
    Both look pretty bad. Silverstone Fara r1 is a bit more expensive but should be loads better. Just make sure you have at least 2 intake fans if you put a power hungry gpu inside.
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    Jeppes got a reaction from Mateyyy in switched motherboard from tuf z270 to b550 msi carbon wifi but no display works   
    Use bios flashback and put the newest version on the motherboard.