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    Intel i7 8700K
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    Asus ROG Strix Z370-E
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    Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB DDR4
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    Asus Dual Series RTX 2070 Super Evo
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    Fractal Design Meshify-C White
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    Crucial 525GB SSD and Crucial 1TB SSD
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    Corsair HX650
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    EVGA CLC 240

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  1. Things can still light up and not be working properly. You're only hope is to start troubleshooting. Try one RAM stick at a time. Check for post codes on your mobo.
  2. I would go through your motherboard manual and make sure everything is plugged in correctly. As of right now I'm still leaning to either a bad motherboard or power supply.
  3. Check your motherboard manual for the location of your post code leds. These should tell you if your cpu, RAM, etc are failing to post. If those are not working it is likely either a dead motherboard or a bad power supply. Are your case and cpu fans spinning? Or just RGB lights coming on?
  4. There should be cables running from the top front of your case or wherever your front panel I/O is. This has power for your start, restart, leds, and front panel USBs that all need plugged in. Your motherboard should have leds as well that will tell you if a piece of hardware is failing to post.
  5. Have you tried using the onboard graphics instead of your GPU to rule out a faulty card?
  6. I've considered the GPU to be part of the problem, but its usage is also minimal. Unfortunately due to the GPU shortage my machine has a temporary RX 580 (I know) in it. However I am going to loot our 3D animators computer for one of its 2080 Supers to see if that helps.
  7. 99% of our transcodes are from either .braw or .r3d into prores 422 proxy. Task manager typically shows less than 20% usage during this process.
  8. At my company we use Kyno to navigate, manage, and transcode our media. In order to expedite the transcoding process in particular I replaced my 9900K based machine with a 3950X machine. However I have not noticed a significant increase in performance. I haven't been able to find much information about how Kyno utilizes hardware, even their forums weren't helpful. Is anyone here familiar with it?
  9. Ya a lot of what I have found has been custom furniture, often wood.
  10. We have both a NAS and a Vault. These external drives act as a physical backup for what is on our server. They aren't often needed but it does happen.
  11. I manage the footage for a corporate video company and I am trying to create a better system for storing and cataloguing our external drives that act as backups for our footage. So far I can't find any furniture designed to hold a large amount of hard drives. While I could just use a filing cabinet or something I would like to use something where the labels on the drives are clearly visible making it easy for someone to find what they are looking for. Any suggestions?
  12. How much of a Sim is it? I like a bit of realism but I'm also kind of stupid.
  13. I entirely forgot that I own Phasmaphobia. Is Box VR a boxing game? I'm assuming it is.
  14. I just received my Valve Index yesterday and I'm looking for some recommendations to pickup. For now I'm avoiding anything that uses Revive, regardless I don't really want to give FB any money anyway. Here's a list of what I already have. HL: Alyx Pavlov VR Walking Dead: S&S Boneworks Swords of Gargantua I Expect You To Die Raw Data SW: Squadrons No Man's Sky Elite Dangerous Zero Caliber A-Tech Cybernetic VR Archangel: Hellfire Creed