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  1. sooo this doesnt make any scence to me....some cpu but cost more ? ummm what ? same cpu of a i7 mac mini but when upgraded from 800 to 10099 i decided to do the same thing with the i5 verison to a i7 but costs 1299 ?? uhhh XD
  2. so the microsoft store just crashes....ummm ok xD

  3. so i put my at&t sim card into my verizon ipad pro which was terminated from switching and it was fully paid off from apple long ago and to my surprise it actually works so now i dont have to buy another ipad <.<

  4. hello so i dont see a introduction section so might as well make one here xD soo a little about myself , i am a gamer...no surprise there lol mainly on xbox and pc (steam) i am also a star wars fan ,kingdom hearts fan and yes im also a call of duty fan to xD and a little something about me , i am 29 and live in the usa , gay , and i also built 2 pcs my second one is the one im using now as for my first one well....it was sort of a after thought and horrible looking xD anyways here is the specs of my current rig. mother board : msi b360 (i think) XD cpu : i7 8700k ra