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  1. Thank you for answer! With my luck, it will explode...
  2. My PSU was faulty and they proceeded with an exchange, box came packaged in plastic cover as when it was new. So I think: they gave me a new one. There is something plastic sticking from under of PCI-E cable cover (that black thing which protects cable). That plastic on PCI-E cable looks white and very bright on picture, but in reality it is more like white-grey and doesn't shine that much. It looks more like plastic part (which is sticking from under of cable cover) on ATX cable which goes to the motherboard - (look at other picture). Is this normal??? I have insanely bad luck, I had 5 fault
  3. I am not sure, if you are trolling right now and if I should even answer to this... I explained thoroughly the problem, every step on the way... And I asked: how are you supposed to flip it? As it seems inferior and random! One time, it doesn't flip and one it flips effortlessly... If I knew exact way how to do it, I wouldn't ask. There is nothing in manual and ways how to do it, from videos don't work! I did that many times. And now: I did it literally same way at first how I usually do and it didn't work. I don't want to break it... So I was talking about what I did,
  4. Hahaha I exactly expected someone gonna say this exact stupid thing... Until now I got a faulty socket lever and did that many times already! Like 10 years at least and never had this problem. It always went in when pulling down a socket lever vertically and not moving it horizontally (to the sides) at all. Even it required a lot of force, behavior was consistent! But new socket seems gimmicky... Oh this is BTW 1151! Except metal frame doesn't slide under at all!!! I am met with extreme amount of resistance in the middle, that it starts to bend and second time, it did slide in fin
  5. Hello, Socket I was doing this on was 1151 to add... this is not to complain. But to discuss this issue and to avoid it in the future: if possible! As it is problematic at best and random! Everyone does that differently and not always correctly! It is more treacherous that you would think! Manuals supplied with motherboards (how to install a CPU) are useless at best! Don't remember if Intel provides manuals for that too, but I remember: it was never well explained in any manual - I got! Manuals in general are poorly written and missing a lot of important inf
  6. I have issues, Nvidia control panel is disappearing. Nvidia support said: it could mean drivers are crashing. That's how I found about that in the first place. Yeah I know it gives for pci. I have massive headache right now and I thought you mean vertical mount, as you said extension and cable. And since I don't know any extension cables from PSU to ATX, or PCI-E. TL:DR it is probably PSU, as voltage is dropping on PCI-E port ( slot on a different motherboard), from same PSU. So it is not likely 2 motherboards would have same problem at the same time!
  7. Nvidia dev says it wouldn't test anything. As it will differ under heavy load! Yeah as you said. I will RMA it probably is the best thing to do!
  8. Oh okay i will look, corsair RM650x (2018) I will post picture...
  9. Under load, did firestrike test. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/notifications/topic/201149/ No BSOD 6 months, issue started like since 1 month after I got this computer. Can't be sure about exact period. I got one BSOD recently, only 1 ever! When I was changing a page file and it was tied to disks. So it is probably not related! https://www.tenforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/171375-bsod-when-changing-page-file-system-managed.html Huh? HWINFO showed also 6-pin and 8-pin pci-e cable being undervolted under 11.72v. When I w
  10. PCI-E is undervolted. Nvidia support told me that it should never drop under 11.72v on 12v 8 pin and i have also one 6 pin, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uIn-EICzUN3lixMRqoeP1husPIBKHtaG/view Looks like my drivers are crashing. I will have to test psu and new gpu in my old PC to exclude vertical mount and motherboard, so i don't have to claim warranty on all these components... This is on 2070 SUPER. Corsair RM650x 2018. 2 different pci-e cables.
  11. Oooooof... I will have to just try some else combination, or claim warranty on multiple parts. Thanks for answer...
  12. Hello, i have issue with PCI-E undervolting and i need to exclude components to find out cause of the issue! HWINFO measures that on my 2070 Super, but doesn't on 780! I tried also GPU-Z and AIDA without luck and google found nothing... It is weird that 780 couldn't measure that, that technology isn't probably that old right? Any idea how do i measure voltage on PCI-E rails. What software can do that? Thanks!
  13. Hello, i have most weird and annoying problems... I warning you, read for your own risk, you may never be the same after reading this I use HDMI to connect my second computer to the monitor. And i didn't have any problems, it went it in... Maybe one time: i had to wiggle with it a bit, but it went in relatively easily, after i did that. So today i wanted to connect my second PC to the monitor using the HDMI cable and i found it disconnected (2 timed by now). I don't think i could have done that by leg, it goes around and i have a lot of space under my desk. But i lean the PC
  14. Side of headphones of course! Nope they are new ones.