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  1. I am not sure, if you are trolling right now and if I should even answer to this... I explained thoroughly the problem, every step on the way... And I asked: how are you supposed to flip it? As it seems inferior and random! One time, it doesn't flip and one it flips effortlessly... If I knew exact way how to do it, I wouldn't ask. There is nothing in manual and ways how to do it, from videos don't work! I did that many times. And now: I did it literally same way at first how I usually do and it didn't work. I don't want to break it... So I was talking about what I did,
  2. Hahaha I exactly expected someone gonna say this exact stupid thing... Until now I got a faulty socket lever and did that many times already! Like 10 years at least and never had this problem. It always went in when pulling down a socket lever vertically and not moving it horizontally (to the sides) at all. Even it required a lot of force, behavior was consistent! But new socket seems gimmicky... Oh this is BTW 1151! Except metal frame doesn't slide under at all!!! I am met with extreme amount of resistance in the middle, that it starts to bend and second time, it did slide in fin
  3. Hello, Socket I was doing this on was 1151 to add... this is not to complain. But to discuss this issue and to avoid it in the future: if possible! As it is problematic at best and random! Everyone does that differently and not always correctly! It is more treacherous that you would think! Manuals supplied with motherboards (how to install a CPU) are useless at best! Don't remember if Intel provides manuals for that too, but I remember: it was never well explained in any manual - I got! Manuals in general are poorly written and missing a lot of important inf
  4. I have issues, Nvidia control panel is disappearing. Nvidia support said: it could mean drivers are crashing. That's how I found about that in the first place. Yeah I know it gives for pci. I have massive headache right now and I thought you mean vertical mount, as you said extension and cable. And since I don't know any extension cables from PSU to ATX, or PCI-E. TL:DR it is probably PSU, as voltage is dropping on PCI-E port ( slot on a different motherboard), from same PSU. So it is not likely 2 motherboards would have same problem at the same time!
  5. Nvidia dev says it wouldn't test anything. As it will differ under heavy load! Yeah as you said. I will RMA it probably is the best thing to do!
  6. Oh okay i will look, corsair RM650x (2018) I will post picture...
  7. Under load, did firestrike test. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/notifications/topic/201149/ No BSOD 6 months, issue started like since 1 month after I got this computer. Can't be sure about exact period. I got one BSOD recently, only 1 ever! When I was changing a page file and it was tied to disks. So it is probably not related! https://www.tenforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/171375-bsod-when-changing-page-file-system-managed.html Huh? HWINFO showed also 6-pin and 8-pin pci-e cable being undervolted under 11.72v. When I w
  8. PCI-E is undervolted. Nvidia support told me that it should never drop under 11.72v on 12v 8 pin and i have also one 6 pin, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uIn-EICzUN3lixMRqoeP1husPIBKHtaG/view Looks like my drivers are crashing. I will have to test psu and new gpu in my old PC to exclude vertical mount and motherboard, so i don't have to claim warranty on all these components... This is on 2070 SUPER. Corsair RM650x 2018. 2 different pci-e cables.
  9. Oooooof... I will have to just try some else combination, or claim warranty on multiple parts. Thanks for answer...
  10. Hello, i have issue with PCI-E undervolting and i need to exclude components to find out cause of the issue! HWINFO measures that on my 2070 Super, but doesn't on 780! I tried also GPU-Z and AIDA without luck and google found nothing... It is weird that 780 couldn't measure that, that technology isn't probably that old right? Any idea how do i measure voltage on PCI-E rails. What software can do that? Thanks!
  11. Hello, i have most weird and annoying problems... I warning you, read for your own risk, you may never be the same after reading this I use HDMI to connect my second computer to the monitor. And i didn't have any problems, it went it in... Maybe one time: i had to wiggle with it a bit, but it went in relatively easily, after i did that. So today i wanted to connect my second PC to the monitor using the HDMI cable and i found it disconnected (2 timed by now). I don't think i could have done that by leg, it goes around and i have a lot of space under my desk. But i lean the PC
  12. Side of headphones of course! Nope they are new ones.
  13. Problem in your theory, i can't hear that one side, even if i switch sides. Also i can hear one side fine always, which is loud and second very quiet. But thanks for concern
  14. LMAO, when it is fine at higher levels? I thought it is was my older mobo, it had already worn out audio output, but it happens even on new one with another headphones. I am not using anything expensive, but not the most cheaper ones. Logitech g203 and razer kraken.