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    GamerBlake reacted to Maury Sells Wigs in Is it worth reporting minor things like this to game developers?   
    It just speaks to the general roughness of CP2077.
    Even after the numerous delays it still needed more time, and it shows. 
    Probably not worth reporting though - they seem to have more pressing matters, like trying to get above 12 fps on base xbox one.
  2. Funny
    GamerBlake got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Is it worth reporting minor things like this to game developers?   
    Wouldn’t it be an easy fix to just include in the next patch?
    I mean all they have to do is add an “L” 😆 
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    GamerBlake got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Is it worth reporting minor things like this to game developers?   
    Good evening everyone,
    I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 and while reading the subtitles I noticed they spelled “should” as “shoud” without an “L”.
    Is this something I should tell the developers on Twitter or something so they can fix it in a patch?
    Or is it too minor to address?

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    GamerBlake got a reaction from aDoomGuy in Is it worth reporting minor things like this to game developers?   
    Agreed it’s not a critical error or even a moderate error and it doesn’t affect gameplay in the slightest. 
    Heck most people probably would never notice it even after several full play throughs.
    But it just feels lazy, rushed and sloppy to me and I feel like they should try to polish and fix stuff like that or anything that they see is not how it was intended to be. I mean we’re talking about a game that has earned $150 million on Steam alone not even counting consoles.
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    GamerBlake reacted to Levent in Is it worth reporting minor things like this to game developers?   
    Definitely. Its a single string they are fixing, they better be able to do that.
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    GamerBlake reacted to aDoomGuy in Is it worth reporting minor things like this to game developers?   
    While it's not a critical error any dev should quickly fix mistakes like that. Report it if you can be bothered, I'm sure they'll put it on the list.
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    GamerBlake reacted to RasmusDC in Cyberpunk 2077 fps questions   
    i run a 8700k + 3080 and 32gig and 1440p maxed out with RTX, although at Quality DLSS, runs like a charm..
    i get that the game has visual defects, and people seem to be steaming about it, in a way that if you like the game, then you are stupid...
    i must say i have loved the game for the first 10 hours of gameplay, no crashes.. i have had the odd visual defect, like cigarettes hanging in the air when talking to Johnny, and a wierd "call of my car" that just went beserk in an area... but it has not been that bad for me.. i might just be lucky, i simply love the game, and it runs great, it should on my system i get it, but no wierd pacing, or hickups.. just runs, and looks just soo insane fidelity wise.
    and must admit i for once feel the difference between RTX on and of is big. even though i am DLSS running the game on quality level.
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    GamerBlake reacted to Minicoop in Cyberpunk 2077 fps questions   
    Alot of people have attributed some game instability to RTX being on so probably going ahead and disabling it until some big patches come out would be certainly worth it. I bought the game Friday and refuse to open/play it until much of the bugs get patched out. Until then more Witcher 3  
  9. Agree
    GamerBlake got a reaction from SkilledRebuilds in Cyberpunk 2077 fps questions   
    Ohh maybe that’s it.
    I have everything maxed out for quality and RTX & DLSS enabled and set at max quality rather than performance.
    So basically I’m playing the game with the most demanding settings possible. 😆 
    Either way though I seem to be getting by OK with ~65fps. Sure it’s not as great as 144fps but it’s not like there is stuttering and freezes and stuff like that.
    Heck don’t/didn’t most consoles run at 30/60 FPS? I figure if people can play consoles at 60fps I shouldn’t really complain about 65fps.
    Plus I know I’m lucky. Not everyone can afford a 2080 Ti or a 3000 series card. 
    I feel bad for the gamers who are running GTX 760s and similar GPUs. Heck I was playing WoW last night with a guild member who is still using, no joke, a GTX 680,
  10. Agree
    GamerBlake reacted to natsukage in Cyberpunk 2077 fps questions   
    This game is known to have lots of issues with FPS even with top tier hardware. I suggest you try newer drivers if you haven't already. Pretty sure there's a new game ready driver for CyberPunk.
    The game runs smoothly at High/Ultra on a rig with i5-6500 and a GTX 1070...@1080P...so I don"t see why your fps should be so bad.
  11. Informative
    GamerBlake reacted to SkilledRebuilds in Cyberpunk 2077 fps questions   
    This will be of some use.
    Go to the gameplay TAB in game, set Pedestrian counts to LOW from High, still plenty of NPCs and it saves CPU usages.

    Plenty of settings can be changed down for little to no noticeable changes, which will also save some CPU cycles.
    Don't think that because he has a 10900K and 3090 you can't get gains.
    The settings he changed he brings up Percentage gains, which carries to other GPU's (because its a percentage based cost he uses)

    You can also set an FPS cap if the game is broken and this doesn't work (game needs updates) FPS caps keep the swings up and down a lot tighter and more consistent, which overall is better.
    1000 Different PC's and 500-1000 different results.... because the game needs work. (Even still these videos should be of some use)
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    GamerBlake reacted to dizmo in Cyberpunk 2077 fps questions   
    Sounds about right. At 4k with an RTX 3080 and 10700k I see around 50 - 60 fps with mostly max settings.
    It's a demanding game.
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    GamerBlake reacted to Ebony Falcon in Anyone playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla?   
    We have same set up 8700k 2080ti 
    it’s something on ur pc bro because I’m getting between 80 and 110 FPS with hardwareunboxed settings 
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    GamerBlake reacted to DutchGuyTom in Anyone playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla?   
    I don't envy being Ubisoft. They clearly saw renewed interest in their series after adopting the typical open-world RPG style in AC Origins. Then, AC Odyssey did even better. Now, AC Valhalla also looks to be popular. Regardless, they're getting critiqued left, right and center. Some are tired of the meta-story and just want to roleplay in interesting historical and mythical settings. Others are dedicated fans of the old AC formula and are disappointed with how "assassin"-less their games have become. Maybe the better decision was to keep producing lower-budget AC games for its dedicated fans and invest into producing a new series with the RPG focus that is not bound by AC's expectations or limitations. 
    They didn't and, honestly, I think they have done a great job in finding a compromise.
    As for performance/bugs. That is just how the industry works now. Look at how much ridicule and criticism CDPR has gotten for constantly delaying their game. Also, the best time to release a game is clearly before Christmas and releasing afterwards is a poor business decision. These companies are going to release them in November, regardless of how many bugs are left in the game. 
    On my end, with a 2070S and 2600X - I can get a buttery smooth 50 fps (50Hz vsync) using HU's recommended settings at 1080p with the resolution modifier set to 160%. Somehow, leaving the framerate unlocked or synced to 60Hz or higher causes an awful amount of stuttering. I had the same issue with Odyssey but not with any other title. I assume it is CPU bound and it is causing major stuttering.
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    GamerBlake got a reaction from Wheresmehammer in Anyone playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla?   
    I’m just wondering what others think of the game so far?
    I’ve got about 5 hours of playtime so far and while I do like the time period & story..I think it does have some big problems too.
    I think the combat is rather clunky and ridiculous compared to AC: Odyssey and I think the performance of the game is the worst I’ve ever seen.
    Im running an OC’ed 8700K + an OC’ed 2080 Ti and I can’t get over 85 fps @ 1440p no matter what graphics settings I play on. Whether it’s low, medium, high or ultra it’s always 85 FPS max with dips as low as 45 happening regularly.
    Anyway just wondering what others think and if anyone else is having these same issues?
  16. Funny
    GamerBlake reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in How to fix FPS dips, 60fps cap & stuttering on AC: Valhalla   
    sorry i mixxed up 2 threads with similar issues.
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    GamerBlake got a reaction from Radioactive Snowman in What are some good keyboards for gaming?   
    Well $300 is a lot for a keyboard so if I can’t get a good one for that then there is something wrong with the market.
    Even Corsair’s top of the line K100 is only $229.99. 
  18. Funny
    GamerBlake got a reaction from For Science! in What are some good keyboards for gaming?   
    Well $300 is a lot for a keyboard so if I can’t get a good one for that then there is something wrong with the market.
    Even Corsair’s top of the line K100 is only $229.99. 
  19. Informative
    GamerBlake reacted to TheSLSAMG in What are some good keyboards for gaming?   
    The GMMK is a keyboard that is either pre-built or barebones made by PC Gaming Race. If you want something plug and play though, that's totally fair.
    It's a great keyboard as far as reviews indicate though enthusiasts will probably disagree. If you go that route, there are two versions. MX Speed switches are similar to Cherry MX Reds but with a higher actuation point. There is an optical-mechanical version too which on average should be more reliable/durable to prolonged use than the Cherry MX Speed variant.
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    GamerBlake reacted to Skiiwee29 in Can a GPU use DDR4 as VRAM if needed?   
    I just bought it and its downloading now. I have a 2080ti as well and I have a 1440p/144hz monitor. Ill let you know what I see when I get done and load it up briefly. But as @WereCat said, just because its saying that, it most likely wont actually use that. You can watch it in MSI Afterburner or GPUZ or HWinfo64 and see how much VRAM its actually using, I doubt it will use over 8gb actual VRAM. 
  21. Informative
    GamerBlake reacted to mariushm in 2-bit MLC vs 3-bit MLC (TLC)   
    It would be better for high IOPS stuff and lower latency stuff, like constantly updating a big database, with big transaction logs, or serving lots of content (thumbnails, various things), or for example with software that renders huge things by streaming textures from the SSD constantly. 
    Games write very little on a drive, they mostly read game files, extract what they need, optionally uncompress and load in video card ... most of this is done in ram, the ssd just reads the file and that's all. 
    A QLC drive will be fast enough at reading to not matter that much. 
  22. Informative
    GamerBlake reacted to mariushm in 2-bit MLC vs 3-bit MLC (TLC)   
    To be 100% accurate. it's erase cycles, not write cycles. 
    Memory is arranged in small blocks of let's say 4 KB, and then you have a bunch of blocks arranged in pages, typically 512 KB in size. You can write any block in a page, but you can't overwrite it. To overwrite a block, you need to erase the whole page, so the contents of the blocks you don't want lost needs to be copied and written in other pages whenever a page has to be erased. 
    SLC supports up to 10-20k erase cycles, MLC supports up to 6-10k, TLC goes down to 2-4k, QLC goes down to around 600-1000 erase cycles. 
    So MLC gives you a lot more endurance, meaning the maker can give longer warranty, higher number for TBW (terrabytes written over the ssd life) and in theory you can also get higher write speeds.
    I say in theory higher write speeds, because these days most ssd controllers can switch a portion of the flash memory into pseudo-SLC mode, where they store only 1 bit instead of 2 or 3 in each cell, which gives those pseudo-SLC pages a much higher endurance (3-5x more erases I would guess) and much faster writes, so basically you could have faster speeds with a TLC drive that uses pseuso-SLC mode, compared to an older MLC drive that was made with a controller that has no such feature. 
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    GamerBlake got a reaction from WereCat in 2-bit MLC vs 3-bit MLC (TLC)   
    So I’m guessing the 970 Pro is for people who move large amounts of data around often and need that extra endurance of many many read & write cycles?
  24. Informative
    GamerBlake reacted to Jurrunio in 2-bit MLC vs 3-bit MLC (TLC)   
    In theory, durability and performance (random read writes I think, not sustained read writes) is better on MLC
    In practice, if you dont have a stopwatch or stare at transfer rate, you wont be able to spot the difference. Not worth it if you ask me
  25. Informative