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  1. Well I only put porn on my WD Blue since videos don’t require much performance to play optimally but still considering some games are 100GB+ and the OS takes up space along with other programs I’m guessing you only play a few games?
  2. I have 6TB total and I’m down to like 600GB of free space (because I put almost my entire Steam library on my PC) so I feel like I need to replace my 1TB WD Blue with like an 8TB WD Black.
  3. I played as Kassandra too because one of my friends said Alexios has terrible voice acting and it made it hard for him to get immersed in the game with the goofy voice.
  4. I don’t mean like free space but the total available storage space of all drives combined.
  5. Honestly I never felt like the game was a grind at all. But then again I play games like WoW where the leveling process is basically slow torture. I bought the Ultimate Edition which comes with a 2 hour XP boost & a 2 hour Drachmae boost and I never even felt the need to use them. Im at level 70 right now and I’ve completed almost all of the game except for some side quests and some of the Order of the Ancients members. I did complete the Cult of Kosmos though.
  6. Well I enjoyed the DLC because it opened up two more entire different stories for me to play simultaneously with the main game so things didn’t get stale. When I got bored of one storyline or it started feeling repetitive I would switch and do one of the DLC storylines. I would recommend it if your problem with the game is repetition and boredom.
  7. I have an MSI MAG271CQR 1440p 144hz monitor and I love it! Yes it also shows the BIOs when I turn my PC on. I paid $359 for it before tax. Definitely worth it! I plan on buying another soon when I get a bigger desk.
  8. Are you looking for just a mic? Or do you not mind a mic built into a headset? That’s what I use.
  9. But that would mean it takes up an NVMe slot! I was hoping to save that last NVMe slot for one last storage upgrade after this one. Plus I would want to get NVMe speeds if I’m using the slot like my 970 Evo Plus does.
  10. Oh wow I didn’t know that! I thought if all SATA ports were in use it meant only 1 NVME (number 1) was still enabled. Thanks! Maybe I should get one of the new Samsung ones?
  11. I do have a 1TB NVMe Samsung 970 EVO Plus as a boot drive. But I just recently found out that using some SATA ports disables some NVMe ports so even though my motherboard has 3 NVMe slots I can only use 1 actual NVMe drive. The graphics card blocks the second NVMe slot.
  12. Yeah I do. My motherboard comes with 3x NVMe slots but then someone told me if I use certain SATA slots it disables the NVMe slots so I have to stick with SATA as I don’t know which of my NVME slots are disabled. I do have a 1TB 970 Evo Plus NVMe as a boot drive but I don’t want anything on it except Windows and a few of my most demanding games. Like RDR2 & AC: Odyssey.
  13. Hey guys, Im running out of space on my 1TB 860 EVO & 1TB 860 QVO so I wanted to upgrade my 1TB WD Blue HDD to a 2TB SSD. Which 2TB SSD offers the best bang for the buck? I see that the 2TB Corsair MX500 is like $50 cheaper than a 2TB 860 EVO but will I be giving up much in terms of performance if I go with the MX500? Or is there a better choice? Thanks!
  14. Oh ok thanks! Mine is a MEG Z390 ACE which I upgraded from my old MSI z270-a Pro.
  15. Do you know if higher end motherboards provide better sound than lower end ones? Or will an $800 motherboard and $80 motherboard both provide the same quality sound?
  16. Oooh okay gotchya! Here is a question I have: Do higher quality motherboards provide better sound? Or do all motherboards from $80-$800 have the same sound chip?
  17. I don’t have a sound card in my PC but I still get good sound in all the games I play and videos I watch. Which component is providing the sound? Also what is the point of a sound card if you can get sound without one?
  18. Did you play the DLC? I found that by doing the Legacy of the First Blade and Fate of Atlantis quests alongside the normal game quests that it didn’t get too repetitive.
  19. I used Google too for some of them. Especially the ones out at sea since I didn’t want to end up attacking every ship I saw. For like the first 20 hours of the game I didn’t even know you could find those eagle markers and make them fast travel points so I ended up having to go back and get them all and at the time I couldn’t go back to Kephalonia where I started. I was kinda pissed about that since they never mention the fast travel points all over the map. Did you see that achievement where you have to get the Cyclops’ (from the intro) eye back by killing goats aft
  20. Have you finished the main game yet? Also the Cults and Orders? I finished the game then did that stuff. Ironically my spear was only level 5 when I beat the game even though 6 is the max. Honestly the way I see it: $60 for 200+ hours of entertainment is definitely worth it. That’s less than $0.30 an hour! Im glad I got the best ending though. P.S. I was going to upgrade to a 3080 but with all the supply problems & the price tag I figure a 2080 Ti will be good enough to wait for the 4000s series whenever that is.
  21. Ah yeah well not that part. But I think that part was meant as an expansion intro so you could play the Atlantis DLC. They had to get you there somehow.