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  1. Honestly though I don’t think even normal unpaid shipping would result in any problems as long as they don’t ship it like idiots with no protection. I bought a prebuilt from IBuyPower for my last PC and they just packed it in foam and in a tight box and it arrived in flawless condition. You shouldn’t have to pay for it though.
  2. I just picked up a Razer Basilisk Ultimate wireless mouse and I’ve decided to get rid of some more cables by getting a wireless keyboard but I don’t have any knowledge or experience of the wireless keyboard market. Does anyone have any recommendations? Bonus points if you have hands on experience with one or more.
  3. Yeah that’s just my opinion. Some people don’t like it being too realistic. Same with the complicated control system requiring all sorts of different button pressing. A lot of people hate it. But I like it because if you watch Star Wars the pilots are pressing all sorts of buttons so to me it’s just more realism. Basically I would say this game is the closest thing in the modern day to actually flying an X-Wing or Tie Fighter. Even more so in VR!
  4. Maybe they’re intending something like this? Or maybe they’re replacing the standard case fans with better ones?
  5. True, very true. Maybe it’s in case he tries to overclock further than what they do? I don’t see why they’re charging him $19 to protect his “dream system” in transit. Don’t most PC sellers replace or repair anything damaged in transit for free?
  6. “My moving part of my thing”.. Can you please be more specific?
  7. I think the Intel Tuning protection thing is in case the CPU is damaged from overclocking.
  8. CARE1: Ultra Enhanced Packaging Solution - Protect Your Dream System During Transit [+19] Shouldn’t that come by default? Most companies will just send you a new one in exchange for the old one if it arrives damaged.
  9. I looked on Amazon and the Sennheiser Game One headphone says it’s wired not wireless.
  10. For me that wasn’t an issue. I wanted a game that gave me the most realistic and immersive experience in flying an X-Wing and Tie-Fighter and other SW ships and the only way to do that is in the first person perspective where the player is getting the same view as a pilot flying those ships would get.
  11. I haven’t noticed any bugs in my 3 hours of play so far.
  12. I got it on Steam. So far I’m enjoying it. It reminds me of the N64 game Star Fox with the whole flying in squadrons and destroying stuff. The graphics are beautiful though! It makes it more immersive. Some people have complained about complicated controls but I’ve been playing with an X-Box controller and haven’t had any significant issues. If anything it makes it more realistic since flying an X-Wing or Tie Fighter would require pressing lots of different buttons. Oh and most importantly: NO LOOT BOXES or P2W!
  13. It just released today and I’ve been playing it for a couple hours but I’m just wondering if anyone else is playing it because I’m stuck on a particular mission involving pesky Imperial shuttles. Or if anyone is considering getting it, I would be happy to answer questions via PM. Thanks!
  14. Well I guess that’s good then. If you ever need more storage you can use SATA SSDs since they’re cheaper than NVMe.
  15. Ah well I guess that makes sense then if you have that issue. Personally, I refuse to pay for a game if I’m not going to play it. I also have a lot of games that I play occasionally but not all the time and it would be a pain in the a$$ to have to re-download them everytime. Especially games like Red Dead Redemption 2 which is over 100GB but I play it a couple times every month.
  16. Well I only put porn on my WD Blue since videos don’t require much performance to play optimally but still considering some games are 100GB+ and the OS takes up space along with other programs I’m guessing you only play a few games?
  17. I have 6TB total and I’m down to like 600GB of free space (because I put almost my entire Steam library on my PC) so I feel like I need to replace my 1TB WD Blue with like an 8TB WD Black.
  18. I played as Kassandra too because one of my friends said Alexios has terrible voice acting and it made it hard for him to get immersed in the game with the goofy voice.
  19. I don’t mean like free space but the total available storage space of all drives combined.
  20. Honestly I never felt like the game was a grind at all. But then again I play games like WoW where the leveling process is basically slow torture. I bought the Ultimate Edition which comes with a 2 hour XP boost & a 2 hour Drachmae boost and I never even felt the need to use them. Im at level 70 right now and I’ve completed almost all of the game except for some side quests and some of the Order of the Ancients members. I did complete the Cult of Kosmos though.
  21. Well I enjoyed the DLC because it opened up two more entire different stories for me to play simultaneously with the main game so things didn’t get stale. When I got bored of one storyline or it started feeling repetitive I would switch and do one of the DLC storylines. I would recommend it if your problem with the game is repetition and boredom.
  22. I have an MSI MAG271CQR 1440p 144hz monitor and I love it! Yes it also shows the BIOs when I turn my PC on. I paid $359 for it before tax. Definitely worth it! I plan on buying another soon when I get a bigger desk.
  23. Are you looking for just a mic? Or do you not mind a mic built into a headset? That’s what I use.
  24. But that would mean it takes up an NVMe slot! I was hoping to save that last NVMe slot for one last storage upgrade after this one. Plus I would want to get NVMe speeds if I’m using the slot like my 970 Evo Plus does.