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  1. I think you should be able to step up to a 3080.
  2. It’s pretty good it’s just kinda short. I finished it in about 6-7 hours. It does have replayability though so I think if you can get it for $39.99 or less it’s worth it but not $59.99. It will be cheaper in the future like RE: 2 remake is now.
  3. I did play like 20 minutes of it but it seems more like a blood & gore game than the other games. In the first 20 minutes TWO people got their hands cut off (Ethan & Lucas) . It seems like RE:7 is designed more towards shock moments than the steady tension and eerie feeling of the other games.
  4. I was thinking about booting up 7 tonight since it’s the only one I haven’t played and I’ve beaten RE2 and RE3 remakes several times over.
  5. Just curious if there are any RE fans out there. My favorite is the RE2: Remake.
  6. Umm idk because I haven’t compared both. I am just sharing my experience that you could probably OC the 3200 kit to 3600. But you can probably OC the 3600 kit even higher so it’s up to you whether that extra $50 is worth slightly more performance from your RAM. Ive tested similar rigs to mine with an 8700K/9700K/10900K + 2080 Ti and as far as gaming goes they all seem to perform identically/unnoticeably whether the RAM is 4400MHz CL16 or 2400 MHz CL18. I personally couldn’t tell the difference during game play of the games I play such as Resident Evil 2&3, Metro Exodus, Red Dea
  7. United States. PC Part Picker doesn’t choose based on performance just price.
  8. I have 2x 8GB 3200 CL16 Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB and my set specifically was able to achieve 3600 CL 18 but with great difficulty. If I could do it again I’d just buy a 3600 kit.
  9. Well honestly you probably won’t have too much fun from the single player story. It’s basically just one giant tutorial for multiplayer. Although it has fun moments. But I think it’s still the closest thing to flying an actual X-Wing, Tie Fighter, etc., in the modern day.
  10. Which controller have you used? I use an Xbox controller and yeah it takes some learning but after a few hours I was good with it.
  11. Ah ok. Yeah I don’t have one of those. Im about halfway through the game and the story is pretty garbage but the multiplayer is really fun.
  12. It could help. When is the last time you changed it?
  13. 81 degrees under a stress test is normal and totally fine. Play some demanding games and see what your max temps are over an hour or so and if it stays under 81C it’s just fine. Most GPUs can handle slightly higher temps than 81C for short term just not sustained over a long period. I wouldn’t worry about 81C in a stress test.
  14. I just make sure to clean the front 2x140mm radiator intake fans every couple of days so they don’t gather dust on them and blow it inside the case. As far as ambient dust in the room I haven’t noticed any sort of build up or issue of any kind inside or outside the PC.
  15. I don’t want to give any spoilers away so I’ll just say mine is Mission 4. I’m only on Mission 6 so far so that might change. Also what difficulty do you play on? Im playing on Pilot difficulty and haven’t had any huge issues that I couldn’t eventually overcome after a few tries. Not gonna lie my most difficult moment was when Keo was teaching me how to drift.
  16. I have an NZXT H510 Elite is it similar? (note: I took the front glass panel off because it’s stupid and keeps hot air in.)
  17. I really like my Samsung 970 EVO Plus. You can get a 2TB for like $329. There are cheaper drives out there but I love Samsung.
  18. I have a Corsair RM850x and I can vouch that it’s a great PSU. Haven’t had any problem with it at all and it’s very quiet.
  19. I just built my first PC about 9 months ago and trust me: It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. The manuals basically give you step-by-step instructions on everything. For me the hardest part was getting things plugged in without leaving a giant rat’s nest of cables.
  20. Well more fans doesn’t always mean lower temps. Linus and Jay actually did a video where they found at a certain point adding more fans did nothing.