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  1. Oh wow really?! ? I had a prebuilt PC from IBuyPower that I bought when GPU prices were through the roof due to crypto mining and I tried to cable manage it as I replaced components but the results were..disappointing.
  2. I’m not expecting it to be perfect since, afterall, it is my first ever build. But I’m wondering if I at least did a decent job or if it’s absolute crap even for a first build? It took me several hours to build so I’m hoping I didn’t do too bad. ? If anyone can let me know how I did with 1 being absolute garbage cable management and 10 being “perfection given form” I would really appreciate it :). Thanks! ?
  3. How is that buying an extended warranty if it doesn’t cost anything? ?
  4. Does anyone know if motherboards are supposed to come with SLI Bridges? If I don’t plan on ever using SLI do these things have any sort of resale value? ? I don’t know why my MEG z390 ACE would come with one when most (98% or more) people don’t even use SLI. ??
  5. I tried that but unfortunately it just wasn’t long enough to get it behind the motherboard. ?
  6. Well I mean really it’s no big deal. My performance in games is still way beyond what I need. However I did need a new motherboard. My old one didn’t have enough USB ports and most of them were USB 2.0 and I just didn’t like that motherboard. With 32GB of DDR4 3200 MHz ram my gaming experience is still extremely high quality. Plus I can always go upgrade the RAM later or wait for DDR5 to come out. I might buy 32GB of 4400 MHz ram next month if I’m in the mood. I love that RAM is so easy to replace compared to like a motherboard or CPU
  7. Alright I’ll try that! I don’t think it’s the motherboard. As I said the motherboard is a higher end one, especially compared to my old one. I’ll link it. Do you know where I would find the VCCIO and VCCSA controls in MSI bios?
  8. I don’t get that though. My old board was one of the cheapest, lowest tier, motherboards MSI makes. Whereas my new board is close to their top of the line motherboards. It just seems weird to me. Like a 2060 Super outperforming a 2080 Ti. I just don’t get it. I did update the BIOs last night as well as installed all drivers. Im not sure, on my old board the lowest it did was 16-18-16
  9. I took your advice with the cable management. ? Does this look better? ?
  10. Ah well Australia must have stronger consumer protection laws than some other countries. Here in the US it’s up to the company’s discretion if they want to replace an item that’s out of warranty. However most electronics products do come with 1-2 year warranties at a minimum. Some, like Corsair’s PSU, come with a 10 year warranty right from purchase.
  11. What about the people who say it extends the warranty? I checked EVGA and it says registering the product adds an extra 3 months to the warranty. With MSI you can get the warranty extended by filling out a survey after registering.
  12. I just left the timings at “auto” and all I did was the same thing I did on my old board which is changing the clock speed to 3400 and the voltage to 1.35, then 1.4, then 1.45 then 1.47, then finally 1.5, at which point I stopped since I don’t feel comfortable going above 1.5V. On my old, lower tier, board it ran at 3400 MHz @ 1.43V with timings set to auto. I believe on auto they ran at 19-19-19-39.
  13. Yup! They’re B- die. Thaiphoon is what I originally used and how I know they’re B-die. Here’s the screenshot though. & a photo of the exact kit I bought.
  14. Ohhh ok! Well I have an MSI Laptop, MSI monitor and MSI motherboard and I only registered the motherboard because of the $50 rebate and free Monster Hunter World base game and Iceborne expansion, I also have an EVGA 2080 Ti and EVGA CLC 280mm AIO so I was going to register those too.
  15. Sorry about that I wasn’t sure where to post it but I figured “Well I’m talking about registering components that usually takes place prior to building the PC so I’ll post it in Build Logs.” I wasn’t trying to break the rules I swear.
  16. So a lot of the components I’ve purchased have little cards in the box saying “Don’t forget to register your XYZ” and I’m wondering if I should register them or does it not really matter? Does registering a product provide any benefit that is worth the time it takes to go through all the steps to register?
  17. That’s pretty awesome! ? Yup! Same 8700K as in my old build. It was an MSI z370-a Pro that came with my prebuilt IBuyPower PC that I bought back in 2018 when gpu prices were way overinflated due to cryptominers drying up the supply. But even so, the MEG ACE should demolish any z370-a Pro regardless of version.
  18. I’ll definitely fix up that stuff! Thanks! ? I just wanted to see how I did on my own before I started getting some advice and fixing things up a bit from what others advise. I really felt a sense of pride and accomplishment working through all the headaches and confusion and figuring it all out on my own. Especially after seeing it boot up correctly on the very first try. ? But I’m still having an issue where my RAM isn’t able to overclock from 3200 to 3400 like it did on my old z370-a Pro board. This MEG ACE is supposed to be a lot better so I just don’t
  19. My cable management on the back I think is pretty decent. That’s where all the zip ties are ?. But my panel for the back isn’t see through either so I just tried to do a decent job that would allow me to fit the side panel on.
  20. By “VGA cable” are you referring to the PCI-Express 8 pin connectors I plug into the GPU? ? Because I use DisplayPort not VGA. Also I guess a few mistakes should be expected on a first build. ?
  21. Hey everyone, I just replaced my Tier E MSI Z370-A Pro motherboard with an even better MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard.. But for some reason I’m not able to get my RAM overclocked from 3200 MHz —> 3400 MHz on my better MEG z390 ACE like I was able to do on my lower tier z370-a Pro..what’s going on?! I can’t even get 3333 MHz let alone 3400. I tried adjusting the timings and voltages (up to 1.5V since they’re Samsung B-die Corsair Dominator Platinum) and still I got the screen of failure. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  22. You were right ?. Installed the drivers then downloaded the BIOs onto my USB and did a BIOs update and my drive speeds were back to normal. ? Thanks again! ? ?
  23. Omg derp! I totally forgot to do the drivers!! I got so excited that it turned on and worked that I went straight for the benchmark! ? Thanks!! ?