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  1. ? Well I think for a first build ever that I did pretty good. ?
  2. Well I ran TimeSpy Extreme and here were the results. I don’t really like Cinebench. I’ve run Cinebench R20 but I don’t like that it’s all cpu power and my beast 2080 Ti doesn’t really get factored in. ?
  3. If you look on the top right of my MEG z390 ACE motherboard you can see the number 37 in red (the numbers change though) and I’m wondering what it means? ?
  4. Well I mean they are black and go well with my black motherboard and black case. ? I have a red/white/black build and I can barely see them when I’m running my PC.
  5. Yeah I’ve run 3D Mark and UserBenchmark and Passmark. ?
  6. Thanks :)! I think so too! Its a Samsung 970 Evo Plus that performs really well! I just wish I could install the Frozr M.2 heatsink that came with the motherboard. But I think it can only be installed on the third/bottom M.2 slot where it came on the board since that’s where the hatch thing to install it is.
  7. Yeah I am! I felt a huge sense of accomplishment building my first computer all on my own (with a bit of help from the forums) and I feel for a first build I did a good job with cable management.
  8. What do you mean? My current PSU cables are from my Corsair RM850x 850W 80+ Gold fully modular PSU. Its a highly rated, high quality PSU with great cables!
  9. Yeah but I don’t think it’s worth the money (even if it’s only a few bucks) or the extra hassle just for a few thin aio cables. I don’t think I’d get any better airflow or performance or anything.
  10. Oops didn’t mean to reply to myself. I meant to edit my old post. ?
  11. Ugh ? the last thing I need is more cables. I don’t think the zip tied AIO cables will cause any sort of airflow problems though.
  12. It was an IBuyPower. It came with an 8700K, 1070 Ti (ASUS Turbo blower style ? but it overclocked pretty well even with one blower style fan), 16GB of DDR4 2400 MHz ram, a 256gb ADATA ssd, 1TB WD Blue HDD, 120mm NZXT aio, 550W crappy PSU that I replaced quickly, and an MSI Z370-a Pro motherboard.
  13. Those are the AIO cables. I tried moving them behind the motherboard but they’re just not long enough so I zip tied them. ??
  14. Thanks! ? Do you see any mistakes I made that I could improve on next time? Im sure my first build ever isn’t perfect nor would I expect it to be. ?
  15. Lol! ? I noticed that case was much harder to do cable management on than the current NZXT H510 Elite case I used. I also think starting from scratch makes it easier than trying to cable manage a system that’s already built with poor cable management. ?
  16. Oh wow really?! ? I had a prebuilt PC from IBuyPower that I bought when GPU prices were through the roof due to crypto mining and I tried to cable manage it as I replaced components but the results were..disappointing.
  17. I’m not expecting it to be perfect since, afterall, it is my first ever build. But I’m wondering if I at least did a decent job or if it’s absolute crap even for a first build? It took me several hours to build so I’m hoping I didn’t do too bad. ? If anyone can let me know how I did with 1 being absolute garbage cable management and 10 being “perfection given form” I would really appreciate it :). Thanks! ?
  18. How is that buying an extended warranty if it doesn’t cost anything? ?
  19. Does anyone know if motherboards are supposed to come with SLI Bridges? If I don’t plan on ever using SLI do these things have any sort of resale value? ? I don’t know why my MEG z390 ACE would come with one when most (98% or more) people don’t even use SLI. ??
  20. I tried that but unfortunately it just wasn’t long enough to get it behind the motherboard. ?
  21. Well I mean really it’s no big deal. My performance in games is still way beyond what I need. However I did need a new motherboard. My old one didn’t have enough USB ports and most of them were USB 2.0 and I just didn’t like that motherboard. With 32GB of DDR4 3200 MHz ram my gaming experience is still extremely high quality. Plus I can always go upgrade the RAM later or wait for DDR5 to come out. I might buy 32GB of 4400 MHz ram next month if I’m in the mood. I love that RAM is so easy to replace compared to like a motherboard or CPU
  22. Alright I’ll try that! I don’t think it’s the motherboard. As I said the motherboard is a higher end one, especially compared to my old one. I’ll link it. Do you know where I would find the VCCIO and VCCSA controls in MSI bios?
  23. I don’t get that though. My old board was one of the cheapest, lowest tier, motherboards MSI makes. Whereas my new board is close to their top of the line motherboards. It just seems weird to me. Like a 2060 Super outperforming a 2080 Ti. I just don’t get it. I did update the BIOs last night as well as installed all drivers. Im not sure, on my old board the lowest it did was 16-18-16
  24. I took your advice with the cable management. ? Does this look better? ?