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  1. But the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act says the following: “may not exclude or limit consequential damages for a breach of any written or implied warranty on the product, unless the exclusion or limitation conspicuously appears on the face of the warranty;..” “Unless the exclusion or limitation conspicuously appears on the face of the warranty.” Isn’t that what the sticker is?
  2. Mine is an EVGA XC2 Ultra 2080 Ti and I just checked and it does indeed have a “Warranty Void If Removed” sticker on the top left of the backplate. Are you sure they have to honor it?
  3. Oh wow do they really treat customers differently based on how much they spend? I assume they could look at how many products you have registered but I didn’t know they treated customers differently based on expense. Hopefully now EVGA will be really nice to me.
  4. Ah ok well that’s good to know! Yeah EVGA is really the only one I hear a lot about when it comes to good customer service. With me I bought a 280mm AIO and I accidentally damaged the cable that plugs into the mobo and I asked if they would SELL me another one. Then they sent me one, no charge, expedited mail. I was impressed! So when it came to a $1299 GPU I decided to go with them. That cable they sent me probably cost them less than $0.25. Yet it earned them a lifetime customer. If only more of these companies understood good customer service leads to repeat customers. A lot of the CS reps
  5. How about Corsair? I’ve bought their products but never have had to deal with their customer service (which is why I buy their products! ) so I’m just wondering if you happen to know their reputation?
  6. Awesome thanks! Sounds like I made a good choice in going with EVGA for my GPU. Only picked them because of their previous excellent customer service with a totally unrelated CLC 280 AIO purchase.
  7. I have an EVGA 2080 Ti XC2 Ultra and over the last 6 months or so I’ve been noticing the idle & load temps have slowly been increasing over time. At first I figured “It’s Summer, it must be due to higher room temps”, but this week I noticed the temps were still higher at night even when it was cold in my room. When I first got this GPU under full load with fans at 100% it never went above 79C but now it gets up to 84-85C under full load. TLDR: Will replacing my GPU’s thermal paste void my warranty? I still have 3 years on it.
  8. Do your USB ports work for anything? Do you have the cable plugged in to make them work?
  9. How much do you expect to save on Black Friday prices vs today’s prices?
  10. I believe it does that on it’s own no? Try running a game. If it doesn’t have enough VRAM it will use RAM instead but it might cause performance issues.
  11. I don’t think you can increase the VRAM. Or are you talking about using system RAM for VRAM?
  12. Very nice! Another cheap way to do simple things like photos and videos is a USB drive. Or as a backup. Photos are valuable as once they’re lost they are lost forever so a backup never hurts. Fortunately these days USB drives are pretty cheap! You can get a good quality 512GB USB drive for about $50.
  13. Just curious what will you be using the drive for? If a reliable drive is really important to you they have options for that like the Western Digital Gold which is designed for endurance and reliability and commonly used in enterprise industry. However I’m guessing you didn’t mean that when you said “most reliable” in which case a WD Blue or a Seagate Barracuda will do just fine. If it’s for gaming you might want to look at a WD Black.
  14. So I might as well put it on either drive because it doesn’t matter? I also have a Firecuda Hybrid SSHD drive that I use for non demanding games like Starcraft and Diablo and Hearthstone.
  15. Hey guys (and gals), I just picked up a 2TB Samsung 860 EVO that I found for an amazing price ($199.99) and I have been wondering if there are any noticeable differences between having a game on an NVMe SSD like the 970 EVO Plus (which I use as my boot drive) vs. having a game on a SATA SSD like the 860 EVO? Will games load significantly faster? I know Read Dead Redemption has one of the longest load times I’ve seen in a while so would I benefit putting it and other long load time games on the NVMe? I never understood how an SSD can have 3500 MB/s read 3200
  16. I understand they’re assuming a certain level of tech knowledge, but I mean I’m pretty tech oriented (enough to build my own PC at least ) but I still didn’t know this so I can only imagine a really technically illiterate person being told they should speed up their computer for cheap by replacing their HDD with an SSD only to go purchase and install it and be stuck. Like maybe they could put (recommended for most users) next to GPT or something? I imagine someone who needs MBR would know they weren’t going to use GPT anyway.
  17. That really depends on if you’re willing to wait or if you want to start gaming really soon.
  18. Ahhh I didn’t know all that. So what’s the point of Windows even asking this question? Why not just format all drives as GPT and then require people who need MBR to do it a different way so people don’t get confused and pick MBR if they don’t know better and have noone to ask.
  19. Ohh ok thanks! I just clicked GPT so hopefully everything goes smooth.
  20. Are you 100% sure? Because it does note that “The GPT partition style is not recognized by all previous versions of Windows.” So it sounds like Windows is recommending not to use that one. But if you’re 100% sure I will.
  21. Hey guys I just got a 2TB 860 EVO SSD and I just installed it but when I went to format it I got this message. Which one should I pick? Thanks!
  22. I did the math wrong the first time. After the rebate and cashback the 860 EVO would cost me $187.49
  23. Ah well for $10 more the 860 EVO is definitely an upgrade over the WD Blue SSD. In fact it’s even better than the WD Black SSD. I don’t think $10 is worth downgrading all the way from 860 EVO to WD Blue.
  24. I think you misunderstood. I already have a WD Blue and I’m upgrading it to an 860 EVO not looking to buy a WD Blue.