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  1. I wouldn’t recommend a 750 Ti even if it did work. Even if you played at 720p with lowest settings possible you might eek out a whopping 20fps. My little cousin has an ASUS 760 and he was getting 28 FPS on low settings at 720p. My brother has my old 1070 Ti and plays @ 1080p with lowest settings he was getting 35 FPS.
  2. It’s definitely not my PC. If it was my PC it wouldn’t just be one game. When I play AC: Odyssey I get much better fps. The weird thing is when I play AC: Valhalla my CPU is only 60-70% utilized and my GPU is only 75% utilized so it’s something wrong with the game itself.
  3. I use a shield & axe so I don’t really know how the dual wielding stuff works. I do know the skill tree has perks that give you special abilities if you’re dual wielding.
  4. It’s not all bad though. Not by a long shot. There’s a lot of good ideas in the game I just feel they didn’t polish it up before release. It feels like playing a beta version of the game where the devs are still unaware of lots of bugs. When I was about an hour into the game I jumped onto a tree and got stuck and then ended up dying stuck in a tree.
  5. I’m just wondering what others think of the game so far? I’ve got about 5 hours of playtime so far and while I do like the time period & story..I think it does have some big problems too. I think the combat is rather clunky and ridiculous compared to AC: Odyssey and I think the performance of the game is the worst I’ve ever seen. Im running an OC’ed 8700K + an OC’ed 2080 Ti and I can’t get over 85 fps @ 1440p no matter what graphics settings I play on. Whether it’s low, medium, high or ultra it’s always 85 FPS max with dips as low as 45 happening regular
  6. Yes I do have XMP enabled. The problem isn’t me or my PC. The problem is the game being defaulted to borderless instead of full screen. Once I changed it the problem was gone.
  7. I can assure you this one isn’t very CPU intensive compared to Odyssey. I have an 8700K OC’ed @ 5GHZ all core and this game was “only” using 60-70% utilization compared to Odyssey’s 97-98% utilization. However playing at 1440p Max settings still seems to be tough for it and I definitely can’t get the full 144hz even with a 2080 Ti. I read people with 3090s are having trouble with 4K/60 FPS.
  8. All my hardware is fine. It was the game. My 8700K was in the 60s C (65-70% usage) My 2080 Ti was 65-68C (90% usage) My DDR4 3600 RAM was 9GB/32GB used. No all my other games run fine. So does this one once I switched from borderless to full screen. I made this post for people who might not know that’s the issue like I didn’t know until I found it.
  9. Hey guys, I’ve been playing AC: Valhalla for a few hours and it was really frustrating because I have an 8700K & 2080 Ti and the game installed on a Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVMe SSD and even with that it kept dipping down from 85ish FPS down to 8-10 FPS and then going back up to 85ish FPS again causing stuttering. I couldn’t figure it out but I went into graphics and by default the game is run in “borderless” mode. If you change that to “full screen” it really helps smooth things out. Not to mention in “borderless” the FPS is capped at 60fps, whereas in “full screen” you can set i
  10. You’re right I did ask for advice and I appreciate your input. However I disagree that only custom keyboards can be good and that everything else is garbage or average. These companies spend millions of dollars on designing things and, while there may be people out there who prefer something different, they design them for the masses. It’s the same with computers in general. Just because you don’t build a PC yourself doesn’t mean any pre-built PC being sold is average or crap and can’t possibly be good because it’s prebuilt.
  11. Well $300 is a lot for a keyboard so if I can’t get a good one for that then there is something wrong with the market. Even Corsair’s top of the line K100 is only $229.99.
  12. What is GMMK? Also I’m not really familiar with swapping keyboard stuff so I’m preferably looking for a plug & play keyboard that I can just buy, un-box, and play.
  13. Hey guys I’m currently gaming with a Razer Cynosa Chroma RGB keyboard and recently I’ve noticed that it’s staring to break down. Sometimes I’ll have to push a button 2 or even 3 times before it registers and it’s infuriating when I’m playing a game and die (not due to my own fault or being outplayed) because my keyboard decides not to do what I tell it too. Anyway, I’m looking for a good keyboard with a sturdy build from a reliable company. Preferably with Cherry MX switches. Wireless would be a great perk but not absolutely necessary. Budget: $250-$300 (preferably on A
  14. Hmm I wonder why they would say it requires almost double what it actually does. You would think the devs would’ve wanted players to enjoy the best experience possible graphically and people probably have settings turned down below necessary due to what the game says is required.
  15. I’ll try that and see. I didn’t know I could monitor VRAM usage. I thought I could only view RAM usage like in task manager. Also if you increase the image scaling the VRAM shoots through the roof up to a whopping 14GB!
  16. See what I mean though? I need 2GB more VRAM!
  17. See what I mean? Not just 11GB but almost 13GB!
  18. Well that sucks . My GPU only has 11GB of VRAM so I need 1-2GB more to play my game at 1440p with max settings.
  19. Hey guys, if a GPU doesn’t have enough VRAM for a game to perform optimally but there is plenty of available DDR4 system RAM is it possible for the GPU to use the system RAM as VRAM as needed to play the game optimally?
  20. I do have a QLC drive with my 1TB Samsung 860 QVO and it does seem to load games and maps and stuff just as quickly as my more expensive 860 EVOs.
  21. So I’m guessing the 970 Pro is for people who move large amounts of data around often and need that extra endurance of many many read & write cycles?
  22. Well I’m just going to be gaming and I have about 800GB left on my 2TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD and about 500GB available on my Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD but because I keep my entire Steam library on my computer that space will fill up fast. Usually I put my least demanding games (like Starcraft, Diablo, etc.,) on my 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD. Then I put older, but more demanding games for that time (like Resident Evil 7, Metro Exodus, etc.,) on my 860 EVOs. Lastly I put newer, very demanding games (like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Cyber
  23. What is the difference between an SSD that has 2-bit MLC (SLC) such as the Samsung 970 Pro and an SSD that has 3- bit MLC (TLC) such as the Samsung 970 EVO Plus? Is it worth all the extra money to go for SLC over TLC?