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  1. Hello everyone! I am gonna build a new workstation for doing my architectural visualization work.Usually i use 3Ds Max ( corona & Vray ) ,AutoCAD, Adobe photoshop, Lumion etc. My choice is Amd RYZEN9 3900X and Intel i9 9900k. My question is: 01.which processor is overall good for me using those software? 02.should i use AIO for any of this processor or Noctua/be_quite is enough for this? 03.which motherboard is good for those processor? My budget is around $1500 . Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone....

    i'm gonna build a new pc with Ryzen9 3900X.Also want to use Noctua NH-D15. Is it ok with this processor to overclock ?

    My seceont concern is if i use G.Skill trident z RGB 16GB dual channel RAM then my Noctua NH-D15 second have to rise 12 mm . Then which Case should i buy to fit this cooler with 180mm cooler clearance?My choice is Cooler Master MasterCase H500. Is this cooler fit in this case Or should i buy nzxt kraken X72 or X62? please give me some seggetion 

    1. TVwazhere


      Yes the NH-D15 is good for the 3900X

      Yes the NH-D15 (163 mm tall, + 12mm extra for ram clearance) will fit in the Mastercase H500 (180mm total height allowed)


      For best visibility in the future, I recommend posting these types of questions in the New Builds and Planning subforum :) 

    2. Md Monir

      Md Monir

      Thanks! I'm new here. It will take some time to know everything. :) 


      But coolermaster spec said that it has 167mm/6.5" CLEARANCE.! can you please confirm it ?? 



    3. TVwazhere


      Ah, my apologies I was looking at the H500P Mesh specifications by mistake (which are actually 190mm CPU clearance) The H500 (no suffix) is only 167mm tall. 


      Case suggestions which should be in the same price range (If you can find them in your location, wherever that may be)

      Phanteks Enthoo Pro M TG: (up to 194mm tower cooler height)