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  1. Informative
    weeblord reacted to SolarNova in Nvidia control panel won't allow me to set a custom resolution (need to OC my monitor)   
    Indeed Nvidia wont allow DSR and custom resolution at the same time for ...reasons..
    if you want both ether edit your registery with a custom resolution and use DSR via NVCP.
    or use CRU (3rd party program) and create a custom resolution in there,  and use NVCP for DSR.
    I personly use a 21:9 custom res + DSR x4 so i can run 21:9 (3840x1640) on my 1080p display (42"Plasma) without the games looking like absolute crap at the non DSR 1920 x 820 resolution.
  2. Agree
    weeblord reacted to jonnyGURU in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    Fake 80 PLUS certification never instills confidence.
  3. Agree
    weeblord reacted to rcmaehl in {Updated} GoDaddy scamming its employees out of a bonus   
    I mean it's exactly what I would expect a REAL phishing attachment to contain: Something too good to be true. The Cyber Security enthusiast in me sees nothing wrong, but at the same time
  4. Agree
    weeblord reacted to Slottr in FRAME RATE CAPPED at 59FPS across all titles   
    Go into Nvidia control panel and check for vsync on
  5. Like
    weeblord reacted to piratemonkey in Badge list   
    I want to be able to see a list (similar to the staff one) of all members with a certain badge type. Perhaps also a list with all badge types too. It's really just for curiosity's sake, so it's not really important.
  6. Agree
    weeblord reacted to The-One-Polish-Guy in GPU Sag solutions   
    Btw your ram is in the wrong slots
    Just get a cheap pillar style bracket
  7. Agree
    weeblord reacted to AndreiArgeanu in "What is OBS"   
    No, it's used by everyone world wide, including LTT, and thousands of popular streamers and content creators. It's a free piece of software after all. I suspect as well it has something with OBS and Teams not working well together, but OBS doesn't have access to the actual video stream, it just screen captures the window or the entire screen.
  8. Agree
    weeblord reacted to AndreiArgeanu in "What is OBS"   
    I hope this is a joke.
  9. Informative
    weeblord reacted to colonel_mortis in Custom CSS themes   
    You can use browser extensions to do that, but it's not something that we can support as an official forum feature.
  10. Agree
    weeblord reacted to seon123 in Need help picking PSU for a build   
    They just decided to label it differently, don't worry about it. Either would connect properly.
    You can't generalise by brand. Same way you can't ask if Nvidia GPUs are good or not. A reference GT 710 is not, a FE RTX 3090 is. If you are trying to choose between the G1+ and the RMx, the G1+ is an entry level PSU made for low end hardware, while the RMx is a pretty decent PSU for even pretty high end stuff.
    You can check out actual reviews of them here (the 650W and 750W variants of the G1+ are similar enough).
  11. Like
    weeblord reacted to Mark Kaine in When did pc building become a thing   
    I mean "Lego style self built pcs" are only interesting for a certain target audience, like gamers, "enthusiasts" and maybe certain parts of industry... the rest will get prebuilts and maybe change out some things to fit their specific needs... it's just a lot more convenient and you don't have to think about compatibility and stuff... even from the people around me those who play on pc, basically half of them buys prebuilts, usually Alienware, the Sheldon Cooper force is strong with them...  (they usually also have no idea how a computer works and are also "enthusiastic console gamers"...) 
    I get the mindset tho, they just want a box that just works, and better than consoles so certain prebuilt brands make a lot of sense (if money is of no concern) 
  12. Agree
    weeblord reacted to Voluspa in Nvidia sell to scalper and they don't care.   
    No big company actually cares about their customers. If you don't like it, speak with your wallet.
  13. Agree
    weeblord reacted to MadAnt250 in Upgraded from a GTX 1650 Super to an RTX 2060 Super. Whats the proper way to deal with drivers?   
    If you checked the clean install option it should uninstall the old the drivers.
  14. Like
    weeblord reacted to Windspeed36 in F.A.Q.   
    What are the user titles and how do they work?
    The default user titles are:
    Newbie: 0
    Member: 25
    Veteran: 1000
    Fanatic: 10,000
    Maniacal: 100,000
    At 500 posts users can select a custom title. Please remember to keep them appropriate and that also post count farming to get to this stage is against the forum's Community Standards.

    These titles are not to be confused with the user groups which are displayed below a users avatar - these groups correspond to whether you're a member, moderator, administrator, etc.
    What is reputation and how does it work?
    Reputation is based on ratings of content. 
    The reputation ranks on your profile are not listed anywhere. Please discover these for yourselves by posting well written and helpful posts.
    How do I control which notifications I receive?
    You can customise your notification settings at https://linustechtips.com/main/notifications/options/. For individual topics, you can follow or unfollow them using the follow button at the top of the page (or bottom on mobile).
    How do I post images?
    You can paste images directly into the editor, paste a link to an image on an external site, or drag and drop an image into the attachment area in the editor.
    Can I change my thread title?
    Yes, simply select the edit button on your thread and you will see the thread title box toward the top of the page.
    Can I delete my content?
    Currently no, we do not allow users to remove their content. If you require something deleted, please report it. Do not directly message a staff member as they may not be online whereas other staff will see the report.
    Will there be a mobile app for iOS, Android etc?
    At the moment we have no plans to develop a mobile app for the forums.
    How do I get badges?
    Badges are awarded for specific roles and duties by staff. 
    I have a bug, where or who do I talk to about it?
    Please post to this forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/82-bugs-and-issues/
    I have an idea for the forum, where do I submit it?
    Please post to this forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/81-feature-suggestions/
    I have not received my activation email or password reset email and cannot login to my account. 
    Please submit a ticket using the Forum Support link in the footer.
    My post count does not increase when I post in off topic?
    Posts in Off Topic, Bugs and Issues, and Forum Suggestions don't count towards your post count.
    Giveaways - can I post them?
    We would ultimately prefer if you don't. However, you are allowed to giveaway game keys or any other product that does not require personal details such as shipping addresses. At no point are you allowed to sell or trade items or post links to auction sites like eBay or trading sites like CraigsList or Gumtree.
    Tagging/mentioning users
    To mention a user, simply type @ and then their username, then select their name from the dropdown - eg @Windspeed36

    Are forums staff applications accepted?
    Currently we do NOT accept applications for forums staff.
    Username Changes / How do I change my username/display name?
    This can be done from within your user settings
    My Discord account says failed to verify email or failed to link to my forum account?
    Please ensure that your Discord account is correctly verified via email. If it is and the issue persists, please contact Discord support.
  15. Informative
    weeblord got a reaction from FNC_RESPAWN in How to get my PC silent?   
    I'd recommend a Noctua or Be Quiet! cooler like the NH-U12S with a modified fan curve rather than the Freezer 34, although I don't know much about that cooler so it may be fine alone. Although a fan curve adjustment would probably help with noise still.
  16. Agree
    weeblord reacted to Emily123 in How to build a PC without getting RIPPED OFF! Holiday 2020 Buyers Guide   
    Spending $360 on a SSD and leaving $500-600 on a graphics card doesn't seem like a great idea. Would be better go get a cheaper SSD and put the money towards a better gpu down the line.
  17. Agree
    weeblord reacted to Hunter259 in How to build a PC without getting RIPPED OFF! Holiday 2020 Buyers Guide   
    With all of Intel's price slashing, I'm a little surprised you would be a 3700x over the 10700k or even the 10850k. Many Z490 boards are also PCIe 4 compatible so Rocket Lake should be a slot in competitive upgrade. Also don't really think PCIe 4 SSD's are even remotely worth the insane premium for the 2k build.
  18. Informative
    weeblord reacted to FakeKGB in BNIB 3070 FE or used ROG Strix OC 2080 Ti?   
    The 2080 Ti is slightly better than the RTX 3070, but choose whichever you'd like.
    They're about equal (I think.)
  19. Informative
    weeblord reacted to LogicalDrm in Need help with steam refund policy   
    I doubt they will flag it. I'm pretty sure its mostly automatic, and only if you contest their decision it will get flagged. Like with those games which have major flaws on launch, you get full 2h playtime without actually being able to play and such.
  20. Informative
    weeblord reacted to Nayr438 in Need help with steam refund policy   
    If you have played less than 2 hours within 14 Days, steam will usually refund it no questions asked. If you are approaching the 2 hr mark or 14 day period and requesting refunds multiple times a month, then you can be flagged as a potential system abuser. In this case one of 2 things usually happen. Either you are temporarily banned from using the Refund System or you are limited to refunding to your steam wallet. An exception to this rule is steam sales. If you purchase a Game and request a refund within the allotted time period and immediately re-purchase it while it is on sale, they don't count it against you.
    Your first request was denied for falling outside of its allocated refund period, it wont count against you.
    If you immediately re-purchased the second title, it also wont count against you.
    In other words, you are fine to request a refund.
  21. Informative
    weeblord reacted to Coolmaster in Need help with steam refund policy   
    If it sets off any alarms they'll probably have someone manually review your account, and since you're a real person they'll realize you just are indecisive, unless you have something else sketch on your account. 
  22. Agree
    weeblord reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Crash my server!   
    Not sure posting a public hostname that resolves to your own IP is a great idea. (with an open/forwarded port too)
  23. Informative
    weeblord reacted to eeeee1 in Just purchased a new computer case   
  24. Agree
    weeblord got a reaction from Sinsue in Just purchased a new computer case   
    Airflow should be more than good. The mesh front intake will allow for a lot of air intake through the front. I don't have thermal numbers, but GamersNexus does have a video
  25. Agree
    weeblord got a reaction from ShinRamen in Just purchased a new computer case   
    Huh. Ironic, since it's a mesh front panel. Decent non-RGB fans are easy to come by for cheap, so shouldn't be too big of a concern.