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  1. From the OS, will test to see if flicking PSU switch afterwards helps
  2. Around 5ish minutes after I shut down my desktop, there is a weird "click" noise, I think it's from the PSU but not 100% sure. When I turned off my pc tonight, it made what best could be described as a "clunk" noise, being louder and deeper than other ones I've noticed. Is this something I should be worried about? Hardware: MOBO: asrock B450 pro4-f (not all standoffs installed as case only came with some) Ram: team T-force vulkan? 2x8 3000mhz CPU: R5 2600, -100mv Vcore offset (I hope I'm undervoltubg right!) SSD: sabrent
  3. Used is a different story, but what i am wondering is whether or not there is another reason why the 580 is more reccomended considering actual gaming performance is very similar to the cheaper 570.
  4. For where I Iive, the difference in price between the 580 and 570 is £30 (this is the UK, so no crazy pricing either) However when browsing reddit, etc, everyone always reccomends the 580 From benchmarks that I have seen there really isnt that much difference in performance between the two, is there another reason why people suggest the 580 instead of the 570 then or people just silly?
  5. I already have storage, case and PSU, so here is the rest of it: (Budget = £560) CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (£175) Motherboard: ----- Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 Gigs (3200mhz) (£63) MSI Ventus XS OC 1660 Super (£220) Cheap peripherals for ~ £35 This leaves with ~ £65 for the motherboard
  6. Hey LTT-ers, I am thinking that a 3600 would be a good CPU to get, but what would a good motherboard be for it? If i get the 3600, I won't have a lot of budget left for a motherboard. I don't have a 2nd or 1st gen chip for updating BIOS, so I would need a board that is either OOTB compatible, or has BIOS flashback. Possible options are MSI PRO VDH MAX: £65 MSI B450M MORTAR (Max is same price so would go with that) If I go with the mortar, I would have to drop my current choice of video card (1660 super) for a 5
  7. I wouldn't get an X570 board at all, unless you actually need PCIe 4.0. I would reccomend a B450 board like the TOMAHAWK MAX, which is one of the best B450 boards out there and will be very sufficient for overclocking.
  8. People say that Amd is better in gaming at lower price points because of pricing right? and that intel beats AMD at the high end, but, at higher resolutions doesent amd close the gap? correct me if i'm wrong
  9. I am wondering which 1660 super I should grab. I can't seem to find any resources on comparing different models, do any of you guys happen to know anything that might help? Basically, I'm looking for a 1660 super, with a metal backplate and a very nice cooling solution.