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  1. I'm keeping the haf x! I just drilled all the rivets from the drive bays and pulled that mess all out of there and installed another 200mm fan in the front and top. My vertical gpu adapter is on the way. I'll share some pictures after work. No longer need drive bays since I went m.2
  2. Found some more old pictures of my first full build.
  3. Well the ocz is 1600 and the ripjaw is 1866. I was changing it out because I was reading into voltage draw and the more sticks the more work and voltage on the controller.
  4. Well the lower the capacity the lower the latency I gather. My 2gb ocz reaper sticks are 7-7-7 lucky 7s baby! And the ripjaws are 9-9-9
  5. I've looked at doing 3x8gb ripjaws but the price goes up to about 100$+ for 4x8gb ddr3 and the latency goes up as well. I was having this debate in my head and weighed the pros and cons. They say 8gb is recommended gaming ram capacity and I've run 12gb successfully for 10 years so I decided to go with the 4gb sticks for only 40$. 8gb would be nice but I dont know if for what I'm doing I'd really use the extra gigs. How much is vive ram dependent cause that's all the gaming I do. Vr is next level
  6. I've got the old i7 950 and the 12gb of ocz reaper 6x2gb and two msi 960gtx 4gb oc. Two 6tb seagate hdd, 15k rpm cheetah hdd, wd 1tb & 500gb hdd, and a ocz 60gb ssd. My memory is reading as dual channel. I was under the impression that anything more than 3 sticks sends it back over to dual channel but I could have bad info. Triple channel is strange but paired with the six core processor seems to be a nice mate from what I've read. I was going to pick up 4x4gb sticks of g.skill ripjaws x 1866 and use 3 sticks as they seem to be the best ddr3 available from r
  7. Hello fellow x58 owners! I'm in the middle of putting some life back into my 2009 build. Just replaced my i7 950 with a xeon w3690 gaining two physical cores and 4mb cache as well as significant speed, and replaced all my hdd and SATA ssd with a single Samsung 950 pro m.2 on a pcie x16 adapter. Next I'm upgrading ram to 3x4gb ripjaw x and gpu to a single card. Asus p6x58d-e motherboard Xeon w3690 cpu Ocz Reaper 12gb (6x2gb) ram 2x Msi gtx 960 4gb oc sli gpu's Kingwin 1000w PSU Cooler master hyper n520 cpu cooler Cooler Master Haf-x case
  8. Awesome! And yes I'm only trying to spend money on things that carry over. Although I do have a local seller with a evga classified extended mobo that has the chipset waterblock and 1366 waterblock on it as well as 4pcie x16 slots for 40$ I was leaning towards getting at minimum a 980ti or 1070+ I dont have that rtx money right now. Maybe if someone wants to buy any of this gear I may. And as far as games go my family only really use the htc vive and emulators for n64 which neither are too gpu strenuous fortunately. I do run into fps drop in certain vr situations but I've noticed a
  9. I did an hour long furmark test last night just to make sure everything was good after the drivers and new os and such. Would I use furmark to determine gpu performance after x8 or is there a better utility. I usually would go for kombuster but something is preventing it from installing. I'm going to play around after work with this but I've never really hard core bench tested my builds so my knowledge is lacking in that department. I'm going to need to study up for sure.
  10. I wont notice it till I'm rendering videos or transferring large files but mostly it's just to rationalize the 100$ I just spent for the speed of this drive vs just keeping my SATA ssd
  11. DISCLAMER: OLD PARTS I KNOW I WOULD SEE CONSIDERABLY LARGE IMPROVEMENTS JUST BUYING A NEWER USED PC. IM WAITING FOR THE RYZEN 9 AND PCIE 4.0 TO SETTLE DOWN IN PRICE FIRST, SO ONE MORE YEAR X58! So I am pumping some life back into my old p6x58d-e powerhouse from back in the day since I am required to upgrade to windows 10. Just upgraded from a i7-950 to a xeon w3690 as well as removing all of my hdd's/ssd's and converted to only a single samsung 950 pro 512gb m.2 drive on a pcie x16 adapter. Everything is booting and running smoother and faster than it ever has which is great
  12. This thread might be dead but you can fit a 420 very nicely in a haf x and I plan to purchase a radiator soon and use the dual 200mm top fans to cool it. It fits too perfect for me not too and I've already drilled the rivets and pulled the lower drive trays out of the case. I'm going to have two 200mm intake front fans, one 200mm intake side, two 200 top exhaust cpu loop, and one 140mm exhaust rear gpu loop http://www.juterbock.dk/index.php/6-will-the-phobya-g-changer-420-fit-in-the-cooler-master-haf-x
  13. With the m.2 ssd on the pcie adapter and 512gb I'm not running any other drives for now on. Yesterday I removed two hdd after backing them up as well as my dvd burner cause... havent used it in like a year? Anyway so then I drilled the rivets on the lower bays and put the shroud on the front fan redirecting air upwards.
  14. Hey there! I have the same case and mobo! P6x58d extreme phase is powerhouse back in the day. Currently upgrading my cpu and ssd so figured I'd chime in. Any luck with that drive? I'm not sure if this applies but looking into this p6x58d I've learned in order to boot from a m.2 nvme you can only use a samsung 950 pro due to the drive having legacy boot support. If that is the newer nvme protocol ssd you have there then same might apply? I've got a xeon w3690 6core upgraded processor and a samsung 950 pro m.2 with pcie 3.0 x16 adapter all in the mail. This wo
  15. Ok call me crazy but the x58 is here to stay one more year. By then hopefully pcie 4 cards and mobo will be more affordable and the ryzen 9 will drop some. I've invested 200$ into my old build after finding out the samsung 950 pro m.2 ssd has legacy boot support. So one pcie 3.0 4x adapter + one samsung 950 pro ssd + used xeon x5690 6 core 12mb cache cpu + 16gb (2x8gb) 1866 ddr3 corsair ram All that for less than 200$ and it will be replacing 12gb (6x2gb) ddr3 1600 ocz ram, i7 950 quad core 8mb cpu, and then upgrading from ocz 60gb sata ssd for boot.