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  1. Someone at my school said this: CPUs are just big memory chips with a long video of everything you will ever do with it. When it dies it means it ran out of memory. W H A T
  2. It's a little speaker on most motherboards. Other boards have contacts (near where the power button header is) to attach a buzzer. If it beeps, it can give you info on what's wrong.
  3. Ah thanks! Title's fixed now! The trashcan can only be taken apart to access the RAM. Replacing the CPU is possible, but it was not designed for it (you have to take the entire thing apart to get at the CPU). I disagree about the iMac Pro idea. If it was designed for prosumers, then it should absolutely have repairability in mind. For example, if your $6000 machine gets slow after a while, you should be able to swap the CPU or add more memory.
  4. Dangit...the title...can't change it. Oh well. True, the new Mac Pro follows the design of the old versions, but between 2012 and 2019, the "Pro" machines that Apple offered were almost completely unrepairable.
  5. Forgot to elaborate here. Apple's previous flagship workstations, the trashcan Mac Pro and the iMac Pro, were not meant to be user-upgradeable. While other models haven't changed, the Mac Pro definitely has.
  6. It seems that Apple's design has taken a sudden change. iFixit has taken apart the new base Mac Pro and given it a 9/10. Highlights include almost no cables as things like the fans use spring contacts, as well as USER-UPGRADEABLE RAM (shouldn't be a selling point in a tower desktop, but hey, this is Apple). Eight PCIe slots also provide plenty of room for expansion, and the entire thing is very neatly organized. Edit: I think I started a flamewar. Link: And in case you're wondering, it cannot grate cheese. Dangit Apple, you had ONE JOB!
  7. Our school Google Slides for world history: WHY