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  1. Hello, I am treating myself with my very 1st gaming pc(Currently have a laptop with Nvidia 860m and 3rd gen i7). I have all the parts sorted except Monitor. The games I play are - Dota 2, Football Manager, AAA games(Witcher 3, Assassin Creed Series, Far Cry...etc). For the past few years I have been playing less and less of AAA games as my hardware can't keep up with the games( I had absolute horror time playing Watch Dogs 2 and ultimately postponed to play it till I get a better rig). I was planning a USD 1150 build(including monitor). I set 280 USD for monitor(same as my graphic card RT
  2. @DoctorNick won't the games be GPU bound with the graphics card I am using? And might overall performance be better in 2700x as I might be running Teamviewer and tally in background for my account to work remotely.
  3. @DoctorNick Ohhh i didn't thought about 2700X....it is available for the same price as 3500. Worth it?
  4. @boggy77 As it would be a new rig and I don't know about any of these tests so which one would be best. Also I just need to compare the graphs?
  5. 3600 is 70 US dollar more then 3500X here. Is it still advisable? I was looking to spend that money on better monitor. BTW 3500x is 145 US dollar. Should I consider older Ryzen series at that price point? And dropping to B320 motherboard bad? I don't think I will overclock or upgrade for atleast 3 years. @DoctorNick
  6. What tests sir? Should I run it and do benchmarks and play a game or two? Also dust on display port threw me off. Might have gotten on shelf? @boggy77
  7. Hi, I am building a new PC for gaming and the only component I am not sure is graphics card. In my country(India) used market do not exist. So I was surprised when I found used 1070 ti for 30 US dollars more then 1660 super. The retailer says its brand new returned card(the owner decided for 1080 ti) and has 2 year warranty left from 3 years.I visually checked the card and looked clean apart from some dust at HDMI port/Display port. So is the price worth it and what precautions/checks I should take to check if it is working properly. I would be playing Esports tit
  8. Hi Thanks for your reply. I forgot to ask about Power Supply model. What would you prefer at that price range? Also how much better is 1070ti. Also if my GPU will bottleneck or my CPU. I went there to buy Ryzen 3600 but they told Ryzen 3500 would be better suited for my system. I thought 3500 was for OEM. How much will no hypertreading(6 less threads hurt).
  9. Hi, I am building a new rig for personal/office use. I would be mainly using it for MS office, Tally ERP, Web Browsing and games ( Esports- Dota 2/ Latest AAA titles like Far Cry and simulation like Football Manager 2019). All price rated are in Indian Rupee and USD(Tax Included). I am from India. Budget is Rs 50,000 or around 700 USD Case: 2nd hand Corsair Unit(don't know the model but looks decent with front 2 fans) @ ₹ 1000/ USD 14 Exhaust Fan: Upto ₹ 500/USD 5 CPU: Amd Ryzen 3500 @ ₹10,000/ USD 140 RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 320