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  • Motherboard
    MSI Z170 M3 Gaming
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4 HyperX
  • GPU
    Asus Strix R9 390X
  • Case
    Own design from plywood
  • Storage
    512GB SSD + 8TB external vault
  • PSU
    550W Enermax fanless
  • Display(s)
    ASUS MG28U 4K@60Hz and Freesync
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH14 and 1x Bitfenix Specter 200mm exhaust fan
  • Keyboard
    Natec Medusa 2 or HP Collaboration keyboard
  • Mouse
    A4Tech X750
  • Sound
    Philips Fidelio X2 HR
  • Operating System
    Win 10 64 bit

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  1. What if Nvidia is selling to miners, because second wave miners will put down first wave money regardless. And Nvidia can then make an innocent face: we cant RMA your card, because you used it to mine and therefore not as its intended use. One thing that I find fishy is: AIBs selling directly to individuals and retailers being out of stock in seconds. This means its more profitable not to deal with lots of individual customers. No RMA cases, no individual tracing etc. Also, it would be impossible for bots to do thousands of pings on a retailer site without it crashing.
  2. Good question Simple answer? Never. At this point, the most likely scenario will be the soon to arrive flood of mining cards. Do not buy any of them, let the loss of initial investment be a lesson to miners! You want to buy from miners and scalpers? Let the price drop to minium 1/2 of 2020 MSRP. Dont even THINK buying at 2020 MSRP second hand I suspect 12th gen Intel/RTX40/Ryzen4/RX7 will launch at the end of this year. MSRP equal to 2020 prices or even lower. Stock will be decent, since production will ramp up again.
  3. Bottlenecking becomes an issue if you are combining really old hardware (more than 3-4 generations difference) or trying to squeeze extra performance (for that 5% bragging rights). As long its stable, you should not worry about bottlenecking for gaming. Plus you can turn down graphics settings for better FPS/stability. Digital bullets work exactly the same on max and min settings. Main thing is to have the option to game LONG not hard. You wont be enjoying yourself if the game keeps crashing every 10 minutes due to overstretched demands...
  4. Old 6/7 gen i CPUs are expensive (for instance, i7-7700K is €500 brand new now). I would look at ryzen CPUs for any planned upgrade. People are swapping them out like they did with Intel stuff a few years back. So the second hand market will have better prices in 6 mon/1 year.
  5. I suspect those vids did not show the amount of RGB. Everybody knows RGB adds FPS. Warzone is 200GB. That means the assets are future proof huge (16K native res images). I suspect poor optimization on compress/decompression. No hardware can save optimization fails!
  6. You will have bigger problems with drivers and hardware level issues than CPU/GPU bottlenecking. If it works, then it works. if you have the option, go for 5500XT. They will have better value down the line if you decide to upgrade again. im running an i7-7700K with R9 390X. Desperate for a GPU upgrade, but I dont see upgrading the CPU for another 2-3 years. Probably when DDR5 memory launches...
  7. PriitM


    Props for taking the time and effort to mod like this. Those, who have not applied wood veneer or done leather work, might not appreciate the skill needed to do what you did. But Those stitches could have been a bit better, imho. What I meant about "too many stitches" is that the thread is not uniform, does not align in some places and wont give the desired effect. What I think you were trying to get is the pattern in this picture?
  8. PriitM


    Too many stiches on the leather, imho
  9. Jay said that waterblocks do not have the mass to properly dampen vibration. Thermal pads themselves are like tiny shock absorbers. And as with shock absorbers, different stiffness of material can either isolate or propagate the specific resonant frequency. And those frequencies are in the kilohertz range, thus having quite a range in resonance frequency. I just wish board manufacturers would do an extra step resonant frequency sweep and pair the card with a thermal pad for proper dampening performance.
  10. Our retailers have not hiked the price...tho everything decent is €1000 (RTX 3070, RX 6800 XT). 3080s never even came to stock. Cheapest RX 6800 is €899, cheapest XT is €1015 But I wont buy Nvidia purely because they are pushing too hard to saturate market. I think Samsug strong armed Nvidia into minimum amount deal. So Nvidia must peddle off as much silicon as possible to break even. Hence the infinite amount of Ampere silicon getting announced...
  11. most likely a driver issue. Could be OS issue, that has not downloaded a suitable update to remedy or fix your issue. I would scour forums for the last most stable AMD driver. GPU drivers (from all providers) are as such where some versions are just bad forever. And some versions are smooth, even for newer hardware. Tho RX 6000 series is so fresh, there may not be a that sort of a stable roll back version.
  12. Good luck finding anything right now...better off using that RX580 to mine some coin. So when the mining craze blows over, you will have some free cash to upgrade. Because the prices will never go down anymore. And you may need $1000 minimum to even get anything, no matter that 0.001% difference
  13. You dont need a tempered glass side panel, RGB, CD drive. You dont even need an internal platter HDD anymore. Lots of surface area for CPU-GPU coolers. M.2 SSD motherboard. Case without the CD/HDD rack. External 2-4 TB HDD drive. 2-3 fans for intake, 1 for exhaust. Dont cheap out on power supply or power delivery components. Newer CPUs/GPUs have nasty voltage/current spikes (most notably with GPUs) Personally, I designed a plywood case from scratch to offer overkill cooling capacity with minimum noise (relative). Currently designing rev.3 of it
  14. CPU design is not a curriculum you can take. Since it involves electrical engineering, logics (programming), materials science as basics. Then you apply for a job where you will internship while specializing in one of 4 main departments: electromechanical (meaning silicon construction), machine code (meaning logic design), system architecture (meaning compatibility compliance) or product design (meaning what ever goes out the door of the factory). Universities provide a way for a custom made curriculum, where you pick your own subjects. That way you have a better chance to get a job in one of
  15. Should have offered a 3090 as the reward...