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  1. Sweet! I’ve heard lots of positive things about Tomahawk boards but never got one. probably still going to get the drive, always nice to have Incase GPU needs a driver update from a disc or something.
  2. Have to burn a Windows 10 disc, besides that no lol. its lacking in newer games or high cpu ones, but that sentence was a joke. Definitely the most helpful! Thanks! Won’t I have to update the BIOS by opting to not buy a X570? My local shop probably does it, but I’m just wondering. Thanks for all the responses!
  3. Bit of a new pc builder, I’ve built one before in 2017 and it’s held pretty well. Things been overused to oblivion and probably wants an early retirement before it dies, so I’m upgrading. I’ve thrown a few pieces in the older one over time, and I’m salvaging: GTX 1660 6Gb EVGA 650 Black If anyone could check other my stuff that I’m getting to make sure it’s all ready (I did myself, but would like someone with actual experience to do so.) PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU