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  1. Finally got it working, the hard drive was failing but Ubuntu was blaming the CPU
  2. So today I'm asking a very important question, and we are simply throwing out the moral question of should we? The simple question but yet as old as time itself, should we, could we, and why shouldn't we? host a Minecraft server java edition from two of these phones they already meet the minimum system requirements and exceed them, it also runs a Linux base (Android), and has 512GB of storage per phone, with 16gb of ram at 3.1Ghz. What is holding us back? time? money? Please let me hear your thoughts
  3. I have installed Linux a bunch of times onto fresh hard drives but never had to remove a OS for a new system, so im not sure if I should or would be a good idea to try it.
  4. Hey guys, I posted a few days ago, I bought a server from a guy in toronto for a really good deal, so not an issue on the money I spent or the fact that it is used, didn't realize he kept his server set up in NAS, and used it as a local media vault for his house. So I am having some issues on a few things, one he is running it as a really stripped down command line only version of Debian, I need to know how to strip Debian out of the system and replace it with Ubuntu as I'm not familiar with the process and I need to remove the media vault all together as it is something quite odd too me I nev
  5. We were thinking just to get started try out a Minecraft server, and see how that works as for everything else we were thinking a bunch of other games down the line no real 100% info quite yet. This seems interesting will have to keep it in mind, thanks!
  6. Hey guys! I have a brand new server that needs to be set up, from the ground up I have worked with windows server software for the better part of a year now and have found much enjoyment but I want to try out a Linux server at home and have decided to commit as of today, and I need your help with the suggestion on the operating system. So let us start with some background for its use. Bought it out of boredom, and something too do since all my favourite hang out places because of COVID-19 are closed, which isn't a big deal as I just hung out at home all day regardless. A coupl
  7. Hey guy's I really have no idea what it is called but I was looking at one the other week and was interested in using it, but when I went to go find it again and failed to find it in my browsing history and really the name of what it is. It is a piece of software(s) that allows you too see what kind of commands are being sent between ex. Excel and the printer, or what kind of information is being shared between a computer program and a piece of equipment.
  8. Okay that makes a lot of sense actually, but my next issue is I see a lot of people always saying "We are going to make these two tables communicate to each other". So far I haven't seen anything about not talking to each other at all, I just want the transactions and customer info to be seperate in the database, I have no reason for them to be together. Is SQL still my best choice than? Do I have to make both tables talk?
  9. Okay so, I should use a precompiled database? Or am I getting the wrong idea as in, I should just use SQL to create my own.
  10. As for the ltiers per year on average, the government... The Canadian Government wants to know... always
  11. Ya I guess I could do it that way, but I only really need to get these logs routed into my custom impact driver printer and then print off a total sheet onto a receipt printer so it would just print out all the liters per transaction and the dollar amount per transaction and then total it at the end of the receipt. and I didn't mean one .csv file per transaction I mean 1 .csv file for each day of the week I'm really not running a internet based service here, just a local offline database that needs to hold onto some information for simplicity.
  12. Thanks! I think I have decided on how to approach this project. I think I will do daily transnational logs in different .CSV files, and store customer data in a REAL database. As why just transactions on average we can do about 15-50 tax exempt sales a day.
  13. Thanks a ton, this shall be an interesting 6 week development project can't wait to see it through.
  14. I never really thought about JSON, as I don't really have any information on it, would I be able to integrate this in with C# or would I be looking at a more round about way of getting this done, and would you be able to direct me into sources so I can start learning how it works, how to read/write and search for information.