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  1. Update! It was the CPU! I'm returning the ryzen 3700X and got a new 3700X from Amazon. I still have them both as I wanted to swap back and forth to see if it was truly the CPU and it was. My luck! As I haven't heard of anyone with a bad CPU. There were NO bent pins on the bad one, it looked perfect even after a very close inspection. So happy this was such a massive pain swapping out each piece to see what the problem was.
  2. No, I'm using the correct cables for both CPU and GPU, and they're plugged into the correct ports on the PSU, it says on the side of the cable connector which one is the GPU cable and which is the CPU cable.
  3. I'm having nearly the same problem on the x570 gaming edge motherboard, what fixed your issue?
  4. The 8 pin to the CPU on the motherboard is also connected. This motherboard has an 8 pin and 4 pin CPU, only the 8 is connected as the 4 pin doesn't need to be connected. The correct PSU cables were connected for both CPU to motherboard and PSU to GPU.
  5. Yes. On the gtx 1080 both 8 pin GPU cables coming from the power supply were connected, on the 970 the single GPU 8 pin cable is connected.
  6. I've tried literally everything except a different cpu. The computer turns on for not longer than 1/10th of a second and immediately turns off. To turn it on again (for that 1/10th of a second) I have to flip the switch on the PSU off and on again. The error lights all turn on for that 1/10th of a second then immediately turn off. No matter what I do, this is what happens every single time I press the power button. No fans spin, obviously with how quickly the computer turns off they don't even have time to spin. The power light on the GPU is solid white like
  7. System: -AMD 3700x -GPU EVGA 1080 hybrid (taken from my working computer so I know it works) -32gb gskill 3600mhz X62 nzxt 280mm liquid cooler -Motherboard MSI mpg X570 gaming edge wifi -PSU EVGA GQ 750 (also tested with a pay I know works EVGA P2 750) Case: meshify c I tested without extensions, then I switched in my PSU from my working PC along with its cables. Removed everything from the case and tested it outside the case, switched the ram from my working PC, it's gskill 3200 ddr4, reseated all cables, reseated ram again, reseated gpu, reseate
  8. I build a new pc, after trying to power it on the first time and doing some troubleshooting, I noticed a pin was slightly pulled out on the atx power cable extension. I removed the extension but the computer still didn't power on. I switched the power supply to a different one that I know works, but still absolutely nothing happens when I try to power on the PC. Double checked the power button connection and it's connected correctly. Could that have killed the motherboard or was it likely DOA?