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  1. This bullshit needs to stop right now, especially for skins and P2W credit. Paying for actuall additional content (like the Anno addons e.g.,) is jolly-well but this milking and selling a game in small portions where you end up paying at least 2x compared to the pre-DLC era is horrible.
  2. Yeah sure. I will not post personal information here. If you think I lie for the sake of winning an argument, you are obviously trolling and I am not here for your entertainment. And no, that is not how debates work. When it comes to personal information about a forum member here, their word is a trustworthy source. If you think otherwise, you are free to troll other people. Also, I am still waiting for that evidence of yours.
  3. So I re-iterate: You want to see my electrical bill to believe my stated percentages?
  4. What? Which evidence? Please do yourself a favor and don't call the quoted/linked article evidence. It is nothing more than wild estimations. I stated multiple times that the yearly energy consumption they state for a gaming PC makes up for 70%-90% of my overall yearly electrical bill which includes not only a gaming PC, but also a buttload of electrical appliances, lights and so on (and we are a 2-person household with three 4K screens). In conclusion, their numbers are a gross over-estimation.
  5. I already told you that it is next to impossible to find reliable data on the energy consumption of gaming or average gaming time and that I will not participate in quoting wild estimations that support my side of the story. I gave you plausible cause as for why >4hrs/day gaming is most probably BS and hard proof for why the stated yearly energy consumption of a gaming PC is BS. Do you want a copy of my electricity bill or do you accept that as is?
  6. It was in another thread. Here you go: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-48853230 This is just insane, and this is Bitcoin only (https://www.cbeci.org/cbeci/comparisons).
  7. For the yearly consumption of a gaming PC I named the fact that this would mean our household spends between 70%-90% of its overall energy on my gaming PC, which quite obviously complete bullshit. Absolutely not. The amount of people that even has 6h of spare time at their hand for gaming EACH DAY is tiny for quite obvious reasons. They are limited to a sub-sub-group of male adolsecents/young adults in a specific age bracket. And of course you will not find any reliable sources on this topic, so no I will not search for a source that comes up with some wild estimation that supports my
  8. Wow, what a quality source. So they assume - roughly every seventh human on earth games - each gaming PC is used on average 4.4h/day for gaming. NEVER EVER. In addition, the quoted consumption of gaming PCs includes 50% of the energy for non-gaming usage as regular office/productivity machine. Also, the estimated kWh/y numbers for the gaming PCs represent between 70% - 90% of the entire energy consumption of my whole household, which includes a gaming PC and full electric appliances. Those numbers are simply way over the top, in which wild way however the
  9. Yup. Most gamers have at most a 650W PSU, do not OC anything and run a 970 or 1060, that they would maybe like to exchange for a 3060 or 3070 after 5+ years. Ou and of course, they game on average 1-2h a day in contrast to 24/7 mining. This "gaming pollutes as well" is one of the worst arguments from the pro-mining folks here.
  10. You mixed up twofaced with hypocritical there.
  11. I'm curious to find out if the YT algorithm actually punishes them for this. As we learned in the past, losing subs, views and YT recommendation placement seem to be the only things LS fears.
  12. ouuu there is already backlash? wow that was quick. Did enough people unsubscribe so LS thought he was forced to act?
  13. So once more, we forget about the fact that outside of North America most people don't use electricity for heating, for very good reason.
  14. Since Linus' electricity and heating is done through hydropower, there is no issue in recommending heating your house with mining electricity for everyone around the globe, since no one gets their elecricity from non-renewable sources or has a grid that cannot handle a vastly increased load.
  15. Exactly, and yet it happened. If I would be affected (having bought such a key), I'd not fear going to jail or being convicted but having the privacy of my home infringed.
  16. It's in OPs sources, which unfortunately are in German: The header of the golem-source is translated as Statement of an attorney, still from the golem article: This is nothing short of outrageous IMHO.
  17. That is not the point here. Take any system that has both a CPU and GPU that is suitable for mining, which is the usual case for miners and take its power consumption. Even a 200W system would literally double our consumption (144 for mining vs the stated 135-165).
  18. That's because we have modern and energy-efficient devices and appliances. So we just let the 6700K slip under the carpet? I claimed 1060/6700K mining constantly. Even leaving the CPU out of the picture and assuming the actual numbers are as low as you claim, that is an awful lot of energy compared to the non-mining consumption. And any current mining rig most probably consumes a lot more than 155W; at this point my system is more than 4 years old and average power consumption of especially GPUs has increased a lot.
  19. 214 at an all time high during lockdown with two people working from home, otherwise between 135 and 165. Running a 300W rig constantly for 30days causes 216kWh. I think this paints a very clear picture.
  20. People tend to forget the scale on which mining consumes power. We are talking multiple 100s of Watts for a single mining rig that are constantly, 24/7, sucked from the grid. Exactly this is what makes the big difference, not the amount of power, but the 24/7 usage. Even if you cook a lot, you have the stove maybe running for 2-3h per day. Even a hardcore gamer which uses his PC for 8-10h a day has the average CPU and GPU utilization nowhere close to 100% during gaming and between 0-10% during all other times. Running my 1060 / 6700K for mining would literally double to triple our
  21. That's cool But won't that bring all the problems about asbestos and lead paint you mentioned before (I am a bit confused, before you said you can't invest into insulation)? Whether or not this method (apparently called district heating in English) can be used does not depend on how densily populated a country as a whole is. A fundamental aspect of the concept is that it is applied very localized to small, but densily populated areas like citys and towns. And North America has a lot of those, with a ton of people living and households being there that you can cover. Matter of fact, i
  22. And what exactly is wrong about what I said? I am from Germany. And those better consumer protection laws do nothing to data privacy at all. If some big company thinks you harmed them the slightest, you simply become the transparent citizen. The same is true for when the government thinks you did sth wrong. Consumer protection is not equal to consumer data privacy. VPN companies like PrivateInternetAccess are US-based, because there nobody forces them to keep IP logs, which is not true for Germany. This is where you are very wrong. Criminial is not equal criminal, there are a l
  23. It baffles me how people still live in houses with asbestos and lead paint, afaik where I live all such buildings are mandatory to be renovated and freed from such substances by law. Seriously: All your excuses boil down to: I have an old house that I could get for cheap and are not ready to invest any money in modernizing it. Guess what, being envrionmental friendly and having state-of-the-art infrastructure does cost money, and it is insanely short-sighted to only look at the net cost you as an individual have over time period x. Older, less environmental-friendly things will always be cheap
  24. The whole point is to not use resistive heating at all.
  25. How about a) properly insulating your buildings such that less heat leaks out and less powerful heating solutions suffice b) Using waste heat from garbage burning facilities, especially useful in rural areas (like Surrey/Vancouver) c) Natural gas and every other source of energy that does not first have to get converted to electricity (with losses), just to get sent through a resistor to be converted to heat. Lets assume your argumentation of "we fail to insulate our houses properly so we have to add electrical heat below -10" holds up: a) What percentage of the